What’s known about Spider-Man: The Great Web, why it’s canceled

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Details of a live-service multiplayer game entitled Spider-Man: The Great Web have been uncovered in the ongoing sift through the Insomniac Games leak. Here’s what is known about the game. 

The Insomniac leaks from 2023 continue to reveal future projects months after the initial attack. The leaks plotted out Insomniac’s planned roadmap for the 2020s alongside numerous key details regarding the PlayStation business. The upcoming PS5 exclusive Marvel’s Wolverine, a Venom spin-off title, and hints at Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 are only the tip of the iceberg.

Several slideshows touched upon a multiplayer Spider-Man project, but there hasn’t been much concrete information regarding the game. However, recent deep dives into the leaks unearthed a full-blown trailer for the Spider-Man multiplayer project.

Is there a multiplayer Spider-Man game coming?

Insomniac Games was working on a multiplayer game entitled Spider-Man: The Great Web, but the game was canceled and was never officially announced.

The trailer showcased gameplay footage of multiple Spider-People fighting thugs in New York together. Yuri Lowenthal, who voiced Peter Parker in Insomniac’s Spider-Man games, narrated the trailer and set up the game’s narrative framing device. Much like the film Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, different permutations of Spider-Man from across the multiverse would team up to squash threats from other dimensions.

Characters revealed include Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man 2099, Scarlet Spider, and Miles Morales. Unlike the base game, the people beneath the masks are the characters, instead of just costumes for Peter Parker. Spider-Gwen would also mark the first playable Spider-Woman in the Insomniac franchise. 

Details from previous reports suggest this would be a standalone live-service game, not a co-op mode for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Sony made a huge push for live service titles at the start of the decade, but some of those projects failed to pan out. Spider-Man: The Great Web seemingly met the same fate.

Why did Spider-Man: The Great Web get canceled? 

The reasons for Spider-Man: The Great Web’s cancelation are unknown.

Details on why the live service project ultimately got cut weren’t apparent in the leaks, and no official statement from Insomniac ever came out. It’s possible that, much like Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Online, Insomniac did not want to compromise its single-player experience with a live service project that would drain studio resources. 

However, multiplayer elements pop up throughout other leaked Insomniac projects. A slide from one of several Insomniac presentations to shareholders reveals multiplayer ambitions for Spider-Man 2, Wolverine, and X-Men. The information lined up with Insomniac’s job postings in 2022, which required experience in multiplayer environments. While Insomniac’s live service project is buried, multiplayer will likely be a part of the studio’s future.

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