A trailer for Marvel’s Wolverine just leaked, and many are hyped

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A trailer for Insomniac Games’ upcoming Marvel’s Wolverine has surfaced and it looks much better than the leaked alpha build of the game that had some wary about how good it would be.

The Insomniac leaks continue to reveal new information about the studio’s upcoming titles, even three months later. The ransomware attack by a hacker group leaked confidential Insomniac data, including the personal data of its employees. However, the scale of the leak and the sheer amount of information that came out meant that new information keeps getting discovered just by digging deeper.

Footage of a PC build for Spider-Man 2 has been around for a while, and a roadmap detailing Insomniac’s future releases. Still, few things excite Insomniac fans more than a full-on hype trailer for Wolverine.

What did the leaked Insomniac Wolverine trailer reveal?

The Wolverine trailer showcased a mature tone, iconic locations directly ripped from the comics, and gory dismemberment.

A Redditor by the handle of u/danoka29 on Reddit found the trailer in a PowerPoint presentation meant for the team at Insomniac. The Wolverine trailer, although well-shot and choreographed, obviously used an early game build with unfinished lighting and textures. 

It was likely a mood-setting trailer for investors and Insomniac developers to understand the tone the game will aim for. The trailer reveals the presence of allied characters during combat and the dismemberment of enemies. It’s unknown if only special kill animations will feature dismemberment or if they will be dynamic like the 2009 video game Prototype. 

The two settings were a dark forest full of armed mercenaries and a bar fight against ninjas in Madripoor. The bar is likely the Princess Bar from the Wolverine comics, where Logan often hung out under his pseudonym, Patch. This theory is corroborated by its South Asian location and the Princess Bar’s owner, Tyger Tiger, assisting Wolverine during the fight.   

The PowerPoint presentation slides also revealed that the game’s cinematic tone draws inspiration from movies like Terminator, The Bourne Supremacy, John Wick, and Logan. Insomniac describes Wolverine as a “globe-hopping action thriller with an emotional story of revenge, love, and loss” which fits Wolverine to a tee.

Will Insomniac’s Wolverine feature other playable characters?

Leaked footage confirmed that the Marvel’s Wolverine game will feature other playable characters, including Jean Grey. It was previously confirmed that Jean Grey is playable in some sections of the game, though it’s unclear how often players will do so or whether this will even make it to the launch version of the game.

Similar to the discussion regarding the trailer and drawing inspiration from films, there’s also an acknowledgment of which games Marvel’s Wolverine to emulate. A slide with images of the game Control can be seen below a slide detailing Wolverine’s gameplay, which takes cues from God of War: Ragnarok, Assassin’s Creed Unity, and Uncharted 4. 

Remedy Entertainment’s Control notably features Jesse, a redheaded protagonist with telekinetic powers and voices in her head. Jean Grey, one of the confirmed characters for Insomniac’s Wolverine, is also a redheaded protagonist with telekinetic powers and voices in her head.

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