Check out Kuma’s new, Heihachi-inspired moveset in Tekken 8

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Kuma’s gameplay has been revealed for Tekken 8 and he’s closer to Heihachi than Jin or Kazuya ever were.

Kuma is one of the most beloved gag characters from the Tekken series. Or actually, they’re some of the most beloved, as the current Kuma is actually the second bear to hold the name. The first Kuma was the current Kuma’s father, who debuted in the first Tekken game. He died of old age after Tekken 2, at which point he was replaced by his son, who is also named Kuma.

Unlike his master, Kuma didn’t have any angst about his father. Kuma even followed in his father’s footsteps by also becoming the bodyguard for Heihachi, pointless as the role may seem. Kuma has made an appearance in every single Tekken game ever since his debut and Tekken 8 is no different.

Does Kuma have the same moveset in Tekken 8?

Kuma’s moveset is similar to the one seen in previous iterations of the character, but with more elements of Heihachi added to his arsenal. Although Kuma has always been one of Heihachi’s most steadfast allies, he didn’t incorporate a lot of his master’s techniques into his fighting. After all, he’s a bear. 

However, the death of his master motivated Kuma to start training in Mishima-style techniques more seriously.

As the gameplay trailer shows, Kuma’s training has paid off. The Electric Wind Bear Fist and even his outfit composed of Heihachi’s old clothes show that he has become the true heir of Mishima-style karate. The visual of a bear pulling off the hard-hitting kenpo is another demonstration of how Tekken remains a gritty game despite its inescapable goofy side.

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Is Kuma a villain in Tekken 8?

Kuma is not the villain of Tekken 8.

Despite Kuma’s ties to the Mishima Zaibatsu and his continued loyalty to Heihachi, Kuma is ironically nothing like his malicious master. According to his official Tekken 8 bio, Kuma regularly volunteers in disaster relief efforts across Southeast Asia. His playful nature and surprising professionalism have earned him the love of many around the world.

Kuma eventually rescued Mishima Heavy Industries’ elite engineers from Kazuya’s G-Corp. These engineers are said to be working on a secret weapon that may turn the tide in favor of the once-feared Mishima Zaibatsu. Given Reina’s past with Heihachi, she may be able to shed a lot more light on this project than the non-verbal Kuma. 

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