Crossplay, mobile release details for Skate 4 have been confirmed

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Fans now have details on crossplay and a mobile version for the upcoming Skate game, informally dubbed Skate 4.

EA previously gave fans details about the next entry in the dormant Skate series, Skate 4, including when it will be released and what platforms the game will be available on. While a mobile port for Skate 4 was on the table but seemed unlikely, the Skate playtest suggests EA will be porting the game to mobile phones. 

The closed alpha test for the mobile version of Skate 4 which only a select few participated in gives an idea of how the title will perform on model mobile devices. Fans also got information about whether the version will have crossplay or cross-progression and how the controls will be.

Is Skate 4 coming to mobile?

Skate 4 closed alpha test for mobile phones is underway, which effectively confirms a full release in the future.

The game’s official insider FAQs only state that the developers are “currently exploring” a mobile version. However, images and other details on the mobile version of Skate 4 were leaked by user sm1one_out_there, who then shared more with fans. The leaker claims that the game runs at around 20-30fps on an iPhone XS Max, suggesting that newer cell phones might be able to run the game at 60fps. 

However, another user stated that their “brand-new iPhone 15” was overheating after two minutes, so players must wait for official specifications requirements to see if their devices can play Skate 4.

As for the game’s controls, the user who played it claims that Skate 4 is playable, but the Flick-it-System feels “weird.” While these controls might change by the game’s official release, there’s the option to use a supported controller to play it if they aren’t changed.

Will Skate 4 have crossplay and cross-progression?

There will be crossplay and cross-progression in Skate 4, according to users taking part in the mobile alpha.

The closed alpha of Skate 4 is said to have crossplay between the mobile and PC versions, allowing users on both platforms to play with each other. While it’s unconfirmed if consoles will also have crossplay with each other, EA has stated that the crossplay and cross-progression features will allow players to play “with players across all supported devices.” This strongly suggests that all versions will have parity.

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