Elden Ring vs. Bloodborne: Artist brings your dream matches to life

malenia from elden ring vs hunter from bloodborne

Crossover dream matches are a standard part of any fictional media fandom. From Superman vs. Goku or the Ninja Turtles vs. the Power Rangers, fans inevitably think of wacky fights that would be really cool, but won’t ever happen. Video games like Elden Ring and Bloodborne are no different and one artist helps bring them together.

Fan artist Shimhaq creates some of the best work inspired by FromSoftware on the internet. From Dark Souls to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and Bloodborne to Elden Ring, they’ve made masterpieces based on all of the company’s major releases over recent years. They’ve also done a few pieces that bring these games together in an adversarial light.

The most striking and noticeable for fans is their work showing the conclusion of a faceoff between Elden Ring’s most difficult and infuriating optional boss, Malenia, against the hunter from Bloodborne. While they made it clear how they envisioned that fight going, some are kept more vague.

What would happen if a crew made of Dark Souls heroes-turned-villains Knight Artorias, Sir Alonne, and Slave Knight Gael came together to face Ludwig the Holy Blade from Bloodborne? That’s left for fans to wonder.

Monster Hunter, The Witcher, and more get amazing fan art from Shimhaq

Crossover battles between FromSoftware games aren’t the only subject they create stunning fan art for, though. In fact, they’re not constrained by either of those limitations. 

Shimhaq has conjured up several showdowns between characters from FromSoftware titles like Dark Souls and Sekiro against the massive foes of Capcom’s Monster Hunter series.  While it’s not unusual to see characters like Wolf from Sekiro face giant, monstrous foes, the stylistic differences between the two games make for a striking contrast.

Their work doesn’t exclusively revolve around FromSoftware games, though. Shimhaq has touched upon a broad variety of major media franchises over the years including The Witcher series, the popular anime and manga Attack on Titan, and iconic comic books like Iron Man.

Shimhaq isn’t the only artist who has drawn inspiration from FromSoftware games. Some dazzling cosplay based on Dark Souls and Elden Ring has been made by the likes of sunlightofastora. Though cosplay is mostly associated with cloth and wigs, sunlightofastroa creates detailed recreations of some of the games’ most recognizable armors

Instagram and Threads users can follow Shimhaq to keep up with their work.

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