Final Fantasy 16 DLC, PC port coming but what’s the release date?

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Square Enix has officially changed its mind and announced that Final Fantasy 16 is getting DLC, and gave fans a bit of an update on the PC version of the game.

Final Fantasy 16 was meant to be a one-and-done game with no plans of DLC earlier this year. The epic role-playing game was released on PlayStation 5 on June 22, 2023, to commercial success and critical acclaim. The game quickly surpassed 3 million units sold worldwide within days of its release and while fans were initially fine without DLC, that changed when they were left wanting more.

Now, game producer Naoki Yoshida has stated that his team is looking at “options” to address fans’ desire for additional content. The news is a pleasant surprise for the fans longing to return to Valisthea, but does this mean that Final Fantasy 16 is getting DLC? And what might come with it?

Final Fantasy 16 DLC release date

The release dates for Final Fantasy 16’s DLC expansions have not been confirmed. The team behind the game has confirmed other details though, including that it will receive two paid expansions.

Alongside the announcement of paid DLC, Final Fantasy 16 received a free content update. The free update is available now and includes new costumes for Clive and other major characters in the game, the Onion Sword for Clive, as well as the ability to change what Clive’s sword looks like while maintaining his equipped weapon’s stats and bonuses. Also included was a patch that included performance.

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The DLC was announced at PAX West with a short video sent by Naoki Yoshida. Yoshida said that fans are excited to see “more of Valisthea’s story and spend more time with her inhabitants.”

It’s not confirmed whether the DLC takes place after, before, or during the main campaign’s story. Fans of the game are hoping the DLC will flesh out the world more and perhaps resolve the mystery of Leviathan. Leviathan is the only Eikon that is mentioned in the game but never shows up in the Final Fantasy 16 main game.

Will there be a Final Fantasy 16 PC version?

Yes, Final Fantasy 16 is coming to PC.

Square Enix mentioned the PC version in the very first trailer for the game but it was subsequently removed from all marketing media. 

“While Final Fantasy 16 was released as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, we, are aware that many of you have been asking for a PC version. So, allow me to take this opportunity to officially announce that development on a PC version is currently underway,” Yoshida said.

There is no set release date for the PC port of the game yet, but a 2024 release is realistic. Ahead of Final Fantasy 16’s release on PlayStation 5, Yoshida was explicit that while the game only has a six-month exclusivity window, a PC version will not be ready on the day that this exclusivity ends. According to Yoshida, this is because the game was carefully tailored to the PS5 to such a degree that moving it to other platforms will be difficult to move it elsewhere.

This means Final Fantasy 16 won’t be out on PC in 2023, but a 2024 release date for the port and possibly the DLC is likely. There was no word on an Xbox version, but Microsoft has indicated that it does not expect Final Fantasy 16 to come out on Xbox consoles.

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