Is there a Hogwarts Legacy sequel? This leak may have the answer

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Harry Potter fans will get a sequel to the Hogwarts Legacy video game if a prominent leaker is to be believed. 

When Hogwarts Legacy was first released in February 2023 it not only went off the charts on Steam, but it also broke the record for the most-viewed single-player game in Twitch history according to the Guinness Book of World Records. The game has sold over 15 million units and has earned over $1 billion in global sales. 

The game was surrounded by controversy before its release due to Harry Potter author JK Rowling’s views on transgender rights and allegations that the game’s villains resembled antisemitic caricatures. Despite that, Hogwarts Legacy was a commercial success to the point where a sequel felt like an inevitability. A leaker with several notable accurate calls has stated that one is in the works.

Is there a sequel to Hogwarts Legacy coming? 

A sequel to Hogwarts Legacy is in the works, according to a reputed leaker. No official announcements have been made.

The story comes from MyTimeToShineHello on Twitter. MyTimeToShineHello leaks info on a variety of topics across the entertainment industry. They are primarily known for delivering a number of spoilers related to Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and television shows, but have also preempted announcements in video games. They tweeted that a follow-up to Hogwarts Legacy is already in development. 

Many have been expecting more Hogwarts Legacy content. There were previously rumors of DLC for the already-released title but it is unclear how the development of a sequel could impact any DLC plans. 

The leaker’s claim prompted fans to start sharing what they would like to see in a sequel. Everything from different settings to possible new features have been discussed. One thing fans have clamored for is a new form of companion system. A common refrain is to have the game more closely align with other major RPGs, but it’s unclear whether that is in the cards.

When can players expect to see the sequel release?

A release date for the Hogwarts Legacy sequel has not been confirmed yet, nor has the game even been officially announced.

Hogwarts Legacy was in the works for several years with gameplay footage first leaking in 2018. As with many other titles of the era, it experienced multiple delays in 2020 and 2021. While the previous game was seemingly in the works for a long while, a sequel could come out sooner.

With no details from the leaker and no official confirmation that the game exists, it’s impossible to guess when the game could come out and what it might look like. WB Games almost certainly has plans for more Hogwarts Legacy, so fans just need to wait and see what happens.

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