Report gives actual dates for September 2023 Nintendo Direct

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September is known for Nintendo Direct events and reports are suggesting that 2023 will get one as well. 

Some manner of Nintendo Direct has happened in September each year since 2016, with each one revealing new games or dropping new details on previously revealed ones. It’s a kickoff party for the holiday season in many ways, showing off all the games that will end up on Christmas lists.

With the Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct event having just happened on August 31, fans were wondering if there’s space on the calendar this year. The Nintendo Switch was announced in a Direct back in 2016 in October, which could also leave open the possibility of a bigger showcase being pushed back until then. But according to reports, that won’t be the case.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a new Mario game coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Will a Nintendo Direct happen in September 2023?

A Nintendo Direct event will happen in the first half of September, according to reports.

While there isn’t anything confirmed by Nintendo at this point, Felipe Lima of Universo Nintendo has reported that the next show will happen soon. The Nintendo Direct will happen September 11-15, 2023, according to their report.

Traditionally, an announcement of a “direct” event from an arm of Nintendo comes two or three days before it happens. This means that fans should pay close attention to Nintendo’s social media channels starting on September 9. There is a long list of possible topics that could come up, which may make this a must-see affair.

What will be shown off in the September 2023 Nintendo Direct?

The September Nintendo Direct event could include the reveal of the Nintendo Switch 2, the confirmation of Mario’s new voice actor, or more details on upcoming releases. There are many things that the next Nintendo Direct could reveal and many games on the horizon to highlight.

Most importantly, there could be an announcement about the next Nintendo console. The device is reportedly coming out in late 2024 but has not been revealed. Nothing is certain, but there are some big questions that need answering including backwards compatibility, specs, features, and launch titles.

With a Super Mario Bros.Wonder Direct having just happened, there might not be a ton shown for it, but a new trailer could be shown off. More importantly on the Mario front, the recent announcement of longtime Mario voice actor Charles Martinet stepping down from the role leaves a huge void for the company. There is a possibility that the next Mario voice actor could be introduced, potentially alongside replacements for Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi who Martinet also voices.

Past that are likely trailers for confirmed upcoming games. The first part of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC is set to release later this month. With the DLC receiving some leaks of new Pokemon, it is likely we see more of the new content before release. Confirmed Nintendo releases through the end of the year include the Super Mario RPG Remake, Detective Pikachu Returns, and WarioWare: Move It. DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom featuring new quests and story content may come out at some point, but is unconfirmed.

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