FF16 Rising Tide DLC release date revealed, is there a new ending?

final fantasy 16 the rising tide

Final Fantasy 16’s second and final DLC, The Rising Tide, finally has a release date and there are hints that Clive’s journey or character arc might end differently from what happens in the base game.

Clive’s story in Final Fantasy 16 largely revolved around the mythical beasts known as Eikons and their powers. As the player progressed through the game, Clive was able to defeat several Dominants who wielded the power of the Eikons in battle and absorb their powers. The journey ended with Clive having a total eight Eikons in his body, but one more was teased for future expansions; the water Eikon Leviathan.

Unlike the first DLC, which was rather short, The Rising Tide DLC was teased to be at least eight hours long, and was set to be more story-driven than its predecessor. Here’s everything fans need to know about The Rising Tide DLC and what it will bring to Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16: The Rising Tide DLC release date and price details

The Rising Tide DLC will introduce a new ally, area, Eikon, and abilities for Clive, as well as an endgame dungeon. The DLC costs $19.99 if bought separately or $14.99 if bought as a part of the expansion pass containing both DLCs. 

The Rising Tide will see Clive and his companions travel to the pure land of Mysidia and rescue the Leviathan’s dominant with the help of the new ally, Shula. This will see a battle between Ifrit and Leviathan that Clive will presumably win. This can be assumed because it’s already confirmed that Clive will have new short and long-range abilities utilizing the powers of Leviathan.

These will come in handy in the Kairos Gate, and end game dungeon that is unlockable only after beating the main game scenario and The Rising Tide DLC. It will include 20 stages of increasingly difficult battles as well as new materials and weapons at the end of each stage, a secret boss, and leaderboard system.

Clive Leviathan

On top of the paid content, Final Fantasy 16 will also bring new free changes in a free update that will be released alongside The Rising Tide

  • Faster ways to complete quests and more customizable button layouts and skill sets
  • New adjustments for present abilities and accessories to make them easier to use
  • The photo mode will get new features such as Tone correction and screen effect
  • Around 40 new pieces of background music or orchestrion rolls for Clive’s hideout will be added

Final Fantasy fans who are eager to see this new chapter for Clive won’t have to wait too long. The release date of FF16: The Rising Tide DLC is April 18, 2024.

Will FF16: The Rising Tide change the original ending?

There’s no confirmation that The Rising Tide will change the ending of Final Fantasy 16.

A mysterious scene near the end of The Rising Tide release date trailer shows Clive with four wings similar to those of the final base game antagonist, Ultima. According to the Japanese text, this form can only be achieved when Clive has acquired all the Eikons. 

This revelation has sparked speculation among fans that the final confrontation between Clive and Ultima might be changed and that Clive’s new powers might allow him to carve a different fate for himself, since his original fate stemmed from being an incomplete vessel at the time. The trailer does not confirm any drastic story changes just yet, but it has left fans wondering.

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