Final Fantasy 9 and 10 are set to get remakes, according to leaker

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Fans of classic RPGs Final Fantasy 9 and 10 may be getting remakes, according to a prominent leaker.

An imitator of the well-known leaker Im A Hero Too recently posted a host of alleged leaks. The real Im A Hero Too quickly came in to clear things up after in a series of social media and forum posts. Part of that effort included delivering a new set of leaks of their own, including alleged details about the Nintendo Switch 2 devkit and reports of Final Fantasy 9 and 10 remasters.

None of this is official or guaranteed in any way by Square Enix or any console manufacturers. That being said, Im A Hero Too has proven successful with some leaks in the past, so their proclamations are of note.

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Will there be a Final Fantasy 9 remake?

A prominent leaker suggested that a Final Fantasy 9 remake may be deep in development. Nothing has been publicly confirmed by Square Enix or any other figures who may have a hand in the game’s release.

According to Im A Hero Too, FF9 Remake was originally slated for a release date in summer 2024. However, the leak suggests this release date projection may no longer be accurate due to the need for “polishing.” The fact that it was planned to come out that soon suggests it’s in a relatively advanced state of development.

There’s also no way to tell what platforms the remake might release on if it happens and it’s unclear how much of an overhaul the game could receive. Though the leaker used the word “remake” it’s unclear if this project is more similar to Final Fantasy 8 Remastered or Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

The two most recent major Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy 16 and FF7 Remake, were timed PlayStation exclusives. If a Final Fantasy 9 remake happens, it could get similar treatment, but it’s impossible to know with how few details there are.

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Will there be a Final Fantasy 10 remake?

A remake of Final Fantasy 10 has just begun development, according to the leaker. As with the alleged remake of FF9, there no official statements have been made by Square Enix or anyone else attached to the project. However, if Im A Hero Too’s claims are to be believed, then FF10 Remake may be in the early stages of development with a “skeleton crew” starting to work on the game.

If this claim is accurate, then the release date for FF10 remake would be a ways out, as development will have only just begun. As with FF9 Remake it’s also impossible to say what consoles FF10 remake might release for.

Final Fantasy 10 and its spin-off sequel received an HD remaster in 2013, which was made available for all three previous-generation consoles, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PC. While Im A Hero Too stated that the game is receiving a “remake” it is unclear how broad the changes could be. It’s also possible that this “remake” could be referring to ports of the existing remasters to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S consoles, and the Nintendo Switch successor.

While nobody knows for sure outside the Square Enix offices, odds are good that FF9 and FF10 will appear on modern consoles at some point. The publisher has been thorough in updating and re-releasing past Final Fantasy titles, and it’s only a matter of time before Final Fantasy 9 and 10 come up.

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