Persona 6 release date and color scheme details possibly leaked

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While Atlus and Sega have kept news of Persona 6 closely guarded, a leaker claims to have new information about the game’s release date and color scheme. But is it the real deal?

Since Persona 5’s release date in 2016 fans have seen spin-offs and enhanced versions including Dancing in Starlight, Royal, and Strikers. Not only that but fans are officially awaiting tactical RPG Persona 5: Tactica and a mobile game in Persona 5: The Phantom X. There are even rumors about a Persona 5 Arena. But where in Mementos is Persona 6?

Diehard fans have been spoiled with spin-offs and blockbuster remakes of Persona games. Still, many can’t help but wonder when they might get their next chance to pal around with classmates in the afternoon and kill gods at night. Leaker Im A Hero Too, who previously beat official sources to the punch on revealing Persona 3 Reload, made several bold and exciting claims about the direction and possible release date of Persona 6.

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What is the Persona 6 Release Date?

Persona 6 is unlikely to come out until after 2024.

Im A Hero Too has a history of gaming divination, having previously predicted Persona 3 Reload’s reveal at an Xbox showcase event. They claim that the original plan was for the game to be revealed last winter, though this did not come to fruition.

Persona 6 has been the subject of a number of leaks and reports, with facets of these stories overlapping. Gaming media outlets reported earlier this year that the game was set to arrive before the end of 2023, with Im A Hero Too later adding that the original plan was to reveal Persona 6 “last winter.”

They now say that the developers’ hope was to have it done in 2024, but that this is no longer the case. A different Persona leaker previously stated that the Persona 6 release date is hoped to be “in the next three years” as of June 2023, which would sync up with the idea of a release post-2024.

Persona 6 is officially confirmed to be in development. No other details on the game have been given by Sega, Atlus, or P-Studio.

Persona fans still have plenty to chew on, including the anticipated Persona 3 Reload. The remake will bring Persona’s modern gameplay and style to the PlayStation 2 classic.

For those who can’t get their Persona fill with a P3 remake and another Persona 5 spin-off in Tactica, Im A Hero Too has something else to add. The leaker also alleges that Atlus is working on an unannounced Persona party game. No other details were given.

What is the Persona 6 color scheme?

Persona 6’s color scheme will be black and white, according to a prominent Persona leaker.

The Persona games take their colors seriously. Each of the recent installments in the franchise was coordinated around a central color scheme pertaining to the themes of the game. Persona 5 is red, P4 is yellow, and P3 is blue. This dual color scheme comes pre-loaded with implications for a series that has emphasized the mental anguish of its protagonists. 

Persona 6’s colors being black and white gels with reports from a different Persona leaker, MbKKssTBhz5. They previously reported that the game is codenamed “Carbon.”

The leaker goes on to state black and white will be the Persona 6’s “theme” and not just its signature colors. The Persona games haven’t shied away from existential and heavy theming, from Persona 5’s battles between autonomy and authority, to Persona 3’s grim resolve in the face of the refrain Memento Mori. There are many exciting places that a “black and white” game could take the franchise.

It’s still wholly unclear when fans will get Persona 6. Fans who want a brand new Persona-style game won’t necessarily have to wait too long, though. A new IP in Metaphor: ReFantazio is set to use the series’ formula in a high fantasy setting, and is officially slated for release in 2024.

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