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GeorgeNotFound apologizes to Caitibugzz after her SA allegations

georgenotfound sexual assault response

In a hairpin turn, George “GeorgeNotFound” Davidson has backtracked on his response to Caitibugzz’s sexual assault allegations and is apologizing to the TikToker.

Minecraft videos on YouTube are the foundation of modern video game content creation in many ways, but the scene has been rocked over recent months by a number of sexual assault allegations being leveled at prominent figures. The latest case surrounds GeorgeNotFound, who boasts a 10 million-subscriber YouTube channel.

TikToker Caitibugzz alleged that an unnamed content creator inappropriately touched her during a party, and continued doing so against her wishes. After her story began garnering attention and discussion turned to who the individual was, GeorgeNotFound self-identified as the unnamed content creator and issued a response on YouTube, where he was largely defiant.

But in a surprise about-face, the YouTuber is now stating that he was in the wrong and apologized.

GeorgeNotFound apologizes to Caitibugzz after response to sexual assault allegations

GeorgeNotFound admitted fault and apologized to Caitibugzz in a post on Twitter.

“I am so sorry. I really hope you can hear my words and try to understand that I did not have any bad intentions,” he said in a tweet.

After his initial response on YouTube, which included GeorgeNotFound telling Caitibugzz that she actually enjoyed being touched in a sexual manner in a public setting, Caitibugzz gave a retort of her own on Twitter. The posts addressed both what GeorgeNotFound said in his defense as well as some of the negative reactions to her allegations. GeorgeNotFound states that he read the post from Caitibugzz and it prompted a change of heart.

Reaction to both his response and this mea culpa were largely negative. 

What are the allegations against GeorgeNotFound?

TikToker Caitibugzz stated that an unnamed content creator, who was later identified as GeorgeNotFound, had touched her inappropriately during a party against her wishes.

Her discussion of the matter came on March 9 on Twitch. Though GeorgeNotFound was not named, he stated he planned to issue a response just a few hours later. That response came on a YouTube side channel where he stated that Caitibugzz was actually receptive to his advances and had only changed her mind on the situation later.

In response to this, Caitibugzz posted a series of apparent text messages from others attending the party questioning if she was alright. Alongside this were others familiar with both content creators corroborating that Caitibugzz was distraught over the matter and claims that GeorgeNotFound had behaved inappropriately in a similar manner in the past both online and in real-life settings.

Caitibugzz indicated that she is stepping away from social media for a time. GeorgeNotFound said he will issue a larger follow-up on the matter.

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