Adin Ross just got Andrew Tate arrested again, here’s how

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Former Twitch streamer and current Kick personality Adin Ross accidentally revealed details of Andrew Tate’s alleged plan to flee Romania, culminating in the latter’s re-arrest.

Tate’s infamy escalated from misogynistic ramblings on social media to an arrest in December 2022 and charges of human trafficking. This came after offering online courses on how to coerce women into sex work, per the BBC. His arrest made the news not just for the severity of his crimes but for absurd theories regarding his arrest.

Shortly after engaging in an online feud with prominent environmental activist Greta Thunberg, Romanian police arrested Tate on charges of suspected human trafficking, forming an organized crime group, and rape. Internet speculation suggested that a pizza box in a response video from Tate had leaked his whereabouts to police and while authorities stated this wasn’t the case, many found amusement in the idea of this unforced but catastrophic error. Tate has been arrested once again under strange circumstances, and it might just be for even stupider reasons.

Did Adin Ross get Andrew Tate arrested again? 

Romanian authorities arrested Andrew Tate after streamer Adin Ross seemingly implied that Tate was planning to flee Romania, where he is facing charges.

Adin Ross was seemingly burned by a collab stream with musician Playboi Carti, and may have unintentionally flipped that script on Andrew Tate by stating that Tate and his brother planned to flee Romania and never return. Ross said Tate offered to stream with him for a week before the escape attempt.

“Andrew hit me up and said ‘hey, I’m going to be leaving Romania soon and probably never coming back, if you want to come over and do a week of streams and long content, I think it’d be big,'” Ross said.

He asked his audience if they would be interested in the collab and claimed it “might be the last time we ever do this.”

On March 11, 2024, Romanian authorities arrested Andrew Tate alongside his brother, Tristan Tate. McCue Law, the firm representing four British women who accused Andrew Tate of rape and sexual assault, stated that it alerted authorities of a possible escape attempt which led to the arrest.

A spokesperson for Tate and his brother told Rolling Stone that they “deny any accusations” that the pair “intends to abscond from Romania to evade the judicial proceedings.” The representative further claimed that Ross “misconstrued” Tate’s message. This confirms that Tate did send messages to Ross before his latest arrest. 

As a frequent collaborator of Tate’s, Ross defended the controversial figure even after the latter’s arrest. In February 2023, Twitch permanently banned Ross after streaming an unmoderated Kick livestream chat that displayed slurs and hateful comments from his fans. He signed an exclusive deal with Kick soon after. Whether Tate’s arrest affects his chances in court or the planned collaboration with Ross remains to be seen. 

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