Was Adin Ross scammed by Playboi Carti? Here’s what happened

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Social media users are accusing famous rapper and hip-hop artist Playboi Carti of scamming Adin Ross on the latter’s latest livestream after an awkward non-appearance.

Adin Ross is no stranger to controversy. He has been banned from Twitch several times for hateful conduct and has still found ways to boggle onlookers with poorly thought-out social media behavior. Ross was permanently banned from Twitch in February 2023 after showing his unmoderated Kick live chat on stream, which featured several slurs and bigoted comments from his community.

Soon after, Ross signed an exclusive deal with Kick, an equally controversial streaming platform that has become a landing spot for streamers and content creators banned for hateful conduct. Since this partnership started he has turned his focus to gambling, a pastime he says has lost him over $15 million. However, gambling isn’t the only financial issue Ross is worrying about right now after seemingly claiming to be scammed out of millions by Playboi Carti.

Did Playboi Carti scam Adin Ross?

Adin Ross’ fans are accusing Playboi Carti of scamming Adin Ross after making a short, awkward appearance. It is unclear whether he was truly scammed, as the details of the arrangement between the two aren’t publicly known.

Ross claimed that Playboi Carti would show up on his evening Kick stream. Hip-hop fans were intrigued by Carti’s potential appearance so soon after his performance at the 2024 Grammy Awards.

Ross started his Kick stream, but there was no sign of the rapper until two hours later. After some small talk, Carti left the stream after a breezy six minutes.

Adin Ross claims to have paid Playboi Carti $2 million and a Ferrari as compensation for showing up on his livestream

Soon after, 21 Savage called Ross and expressed shock at how much Ross spent on Carti’s appearance. Some fans are suspicious of these events, however. Playboi Carti has not confirmed Ross’ payment claims, and Ross backtracked regarding how much he paid Carti. This has some suspecting that it was a publicity stunt by one or both men. Regardless, there’s no doubt that Ross’ financial fumbles continue to be a talking point on social media.

Carti isn’t the first rapper to associate with Ross. Hip-hop star 21 Savage collaborated with Ross on a gambling stream a few days prior. During the event, he was allegedly caught holding marked cards by viewers, leading to accusations of cheating. Ross claims 21 Savage paid him back with $250,000 but neither Savage nor his team have confirmed this. 21 Savage occasionally talks to Ross on the latter’s livestreams despite the controversy.

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