Get a 1st look at the new Jet Set Radio with this leaked footage

jet set radio reboot

Leakers just dropped footage of a new Jet Set Radio game and now, fans finally get to see how the cult classic looks with modern graphics.

When Sega announced the revival of several franchises, one title immediately stood out to 2000s Sega fans. Jet Set Radio‘s hip-hop aesthetic, catchy soundtrack, and impressive cel-shaded art style stood out. In an era where counter-culture flourished in the mainstream, Jet Set Radio channeled those vibes into an enjoyable action game.

Fans feel the series is severely underrated, and the lack of modern ports doesn’t help matters. Fortunately, Sega finally announced Jet Set Radio as part of its revival slate, with two titles reportedly in the works. Footage of one of these new games has seemingly leaked to social media. 

Is the new Jet Set Radio game a reboot or remake?

Reports suggest Sega is working on two Jet Set Radio titles, a remake of the first game and a free-to-play reboot.

The details around the games are a bit confusing. Midori, a notable leaker who accurately broke the news on Sega games before a strange disappearance, reported on two new games in the series.

The remake will reportedly be based on the first game. Meanwhile, the other title is a free-to-play reboot separate from the main games. Sega reportedly has similar plans for Crazy Taxi, which may hint at Sega making a games-as-a-service push using cult classic franchises. 

The leaked footage of a new Jet Set Radio shows a different look for the franchise, with a realistic edge added to the cel-shaded art style. Whether this leaked footage comes from the remake or reboot is unknown, but it does look like a legitimate successor to the originals.

Meanwhile, a leaker claimed to have story details for one of the new Jet Set Radio games and showed a slide detailing the game’s premise. The focus on faction warfare supports the reported multiplayer elements for all upcoming games in the series. While fans are excited about the game, all signs point to it being years away from release. It was previously reported that the games won’t come out until 2026 at the earliest.

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