Persona leaker Midori may retire after identity reveal, doxxing

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Midori, a notable leaker of Persona and Sega news, was targeted by forum denizens and had their identity outed, with the surprise discovery that they were actually an alternate account for the leaker MysticDistance.

Amongst the Persona community, one leaker has made the rounds for the past few months. Midori, a user on X, posted several tidbits of information about upcoming SEGA and Atlus projects and titles, particularly for the Persona franchise. Many of their claims and predictions proved true in the coming months, including major reveals like the reveal of Persona 3 Reload and DLC for Persona 5 Tactica.

The leaker quickly built a reputation as a credible source of information. Things took an odd turn when Midori stated that they were stepping away from leaking but it now seems that this was due to their identity being doxxed.

What is the true identity of the Persona leaker Midori?

Midori is MysticDistance, a Persona leaker who left social media in 2019.

The first indication that something had gone awry with Midori’s identity was when the account holder announced they would stop leaking information.

The reasons they gave revolved around internet denizens, said to be from the ResetEra forums, doxxing their address and contacting friends and family members. Although they continued to use the site for a few more days, more information came to light, which alleged Midori was not who they claimed they were.

Days later, Midori finally confirmed the claims that they were formerly MysticDistance. The doxxers alleged MysticDistance was a white man from America. “Midori” claimed to be a Japanese woman. Midori concluded the thread with the implication the account would be abandoned. 

Although Midori has left the account in the past, the extent of the current controversy may push away the person behind the account for good. If nothing else, having their address and the identity of their family members posted on the internet is a legitimate threat to their safety. They likely left to not deal with said attacks anymore. 

The reveal divided the gaming leaks community on social media and forums. Some celebrated Midori’s exposure as a character, while others shared concerns about how their identity was revealed.

Regardless, the controversy proves just how deep internet rabbit holes can go. The bizarre situations spawned from something as innocuous as video game leaks prove as much. 

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