League of Legends now has a real single-player mode with Swarm

Briar in League of Legends

The release date for League of Legends’ new PvE game mode Swarm is coming soon, and it’s conformed that it will allow for single-player gameplay.

Riot has its hands full this Summer. The imminent launch of Valorant’s closed console beta, the preparation for Arcane Season 2, and the overhaul of League of Legends esports in the Americas means there’s no rest for the game studio. Of course, it’s not just esports, spin-offs, and console releases keeping Riot busy.

Fans have been expecting a PvE mode in League of Legends for some time now. It’s been a topic of discussion for years, but League of Legends has surprisingly avoided jumping on the trend. This is despite Dota 2 and Pokemon Unite having PvE events and game modes of their own. Riot Games plans to release just that in the upcoming Summer 2024 patch with its new game mode, Swarm.

Can Swarm be played solo in League of Legends?

Swarm is a PvE horde mode for League of Legends that can be played with multiplayer co-op or solo.

Riot Games initially announced the PvE mode in April 2024. However, they did not provide details. The developers mostly focused on the inspirations for the new mode, such as Vampire Survivors. The mode would notably have “bullet heaven” elements, implying mobility as a key factor in the game’s meta.

The June 2024 video revealed more details on the upcoming PvE mode. The devs officially christened the mode as “Swarm.” The mode will reportedly be a “big departure” from classic League of Legends gameplay, focusing on the casual vibes of bullet heaven games. Interestingly, players can play Swarm solo, making it the first true single-player mode for League of Legends that isn’t just AI 5v5 games.

League of Legends Swarm release date details

Swarm will be available on PBE in June 2024 and officially go live in July 2024. There’s no exact release date yet.

Swarm will be part of League of Legends’ upcoming Summer event, but players can get a taste of it early on PBE. As of now, it is unknown if Swarm will be a permanent game mode.

After all, previous PvE modes like Odyssey: Extraction and Star Guardian were only limited-time events. However, if the reactions to Swarm are very positive, it may stay around after the summer season. 

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