Here’s how to sign up for the Valorant console beta test

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Riot Games has revealed that Valorant is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles and sign-ups for the beta are now open.

Valorant has been a massive success for Riot Games on PC, pulling in around 4.5 million daily users and making it one of the biggest first-person shooters. Riot Games also announced that the game has a massive number of 28 million monthly players, especially compared to other competitive shooters.

The game’s competitive nature lends well to streaming, too, with streams watched for 430 million hours in just the past seven days. The shooter has all of this success without being on consoles. This will change soon, as the game is landing soon on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles.

When does the Valorant console beta start?

The Valarant console beta starts June 14, 2024.

Only players from the United States, Canada, Europe, and Japan will be able to take part on that date. Valorant players from other parts of the world can still sign up for the console beta in anticipation of their region being brought online.

Data miner ValorLeaks spoiled the news shortly before its official reveal. They also stated that players participating in the beta will receive a special player card. Previously, a Riot Games recruitment post sought a quality assurance officer focusing on Valorant on consoles, which resulted in speculation. Riot Games is generally keen on making its games available to as many people as possible.

The company’s free-to-play model depends on the number of players; the more players, the more the profit. So having one of their biggest franchises on an already established user base makes all the business sense. The console version looks ready to deliver all the same content as the PC version, with everything from the stages to the latest agent Clove appearing in the trailer.

How to sign up for the Valorant console beta

Players can sign up for the Valorant console beta through the game’s official website.

The registration button can be found on the game’s official beta page. Doing so is simple, as players only need an existing Riot Games account to sign up. Simply log in, click the “Register Now” button, and then wait.

The Valorant console beta will send invites to a limited number of players who registered for a spot. It’s unclear how many spots will be available or how they will be distributed, but it’s possible that it will be a pure lottery.

It remains to be seen how well the console controls are implemented in the game. A competitive shooter relies on accurate aiming without “magnetic” and sticky aim assist. How Valorant tackles console controls will make or break its popularity.

With newcomers like Concord and established multiplayer shooters like Overwatch 2 standing as potential competition, Valorant has a tough road ahead. Riot Games successfully turned Valorant into one of the biggest shooters on the market in short order, though. There’s a strong chance it could do so again on consoles.

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