Street Fighter 6 Year 2 DLC characters include Terry Bogard

Street Fighter 6 Terry Bogard Year 2 DLC

A new Street Fighter 6 Year 2 trailer at the Summer Game Fest has revealed returning favorites and iconic SNK characters as DLC.

Guest characters are rare in main Street Fighter titles, but Capcom is inviting fellow fighting game legend SNK to the table. The Street Fighter 6 Year 2 DLC roadmap will host two crossovers from King of Fighters with Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui. The latest game in the franchise, Street Fighter 6, is doing great for Capcom, bringing in new players with over 3.3 million units sold in its first year. The latest game modes and a newbie-friendly control scheme have made the game more accessible for newcomers.

The game isn’t free from controversy, though. The new costumes have fans fuming at the pricing. The latest Outfit 3 set costs $100, making fans question Capcom’s new strategy. However, Street Fighter 6 is keen on bringing more fighters to the game, with the latest lot, Street Fighter 6 Year 2 DLC, set to get a couple of iconic characters into the fray.

  • M. Bison – Summer 2024
  • Terry Bogard – Fall 2024
  • Elena – Spring 2025
  • Mai Shiranui – Winter 2025

Terry and Mai from Fatal Fury join Street Fighter 6

Terry and Mai from the long-running fighting franchise are joining the roster in Street Fighter 6.

Terry is the main character of the series, like Jin Kazama from Tekken or Ryu from Street Fighter. Terry has appeared in Fatal Fury and features heavily in the King of Fighters games. The American character uses a mix of boxing, kung fu, and karate in his fighting style, a perfect blend for a street brawler.

Mai also joins Street Fighter 6 Year 2 DLC as the second guest character from SNK. Originating from Fatal Fury, Mai has also appeared in King of Fighter games. The character uses the Shiranui-ryuu form of ninjutsu and also has fire powers. Her iconic paper fans also make an appearance in this iteration.

M. Bison and Elena enter as Street Fighter 6 Year 2 DLC

The iconic final boss of Street Fighter 2, M. Bison, also known as Vega (in Japan), is coming to Street Fighter 6 along with the Kenyan fighter Elena.

M. Bison became a playable character in Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition and is a typical dictator desiring world domination. The character has appeared in plenty of Street Fighter titles and crossover games. From X-Men vs. Street Fighter to SNK vs.Capcom series, M. Bison has seen it all. However, the Street Fighter 6 Year 2 is ditching his iconic red military attire for a new look.

Street Fighter 6 Year 2 DLC characters

Elena first appeared in Street Fighter 3: New Generation. She is a fighter of Kenyan origins who uses a capoeira fighting style and is usually light-hearted. Her fighting style uses her long legs to execute dance-like moves that keep the enemies guessing.

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