Did the characters in the Street Fighter 6 Season 2 DLC just leak?

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While Capcom hasn’t given any official information on which characters will join Street Fighter 6 as part of its Season 2 DLC character pass, that list of characters might have already been leaked.

With Akuma’s arrival wrapping up Street Fighter 6’s first season of DLC characters, fans have their sights set on which characters will join the cast in Season 2. Although Capcom hasn’t given any real hints or revealed any official information on which characters players can expect to see rolled out, the new character roster might have leaked out in advance.

The Street Fighter 6 Season 2 DLC leak has gained some traction across social media. A handful of professional Street Fighter 6 players have given their two cents on the apparent leaks, and the consensus is that most are unimpressed by the upcoming DLC characters if the leaks are indeed accurate.

Which characters are coming to Street Fighter 6 in Character Pass 2?

According to potential leaks, the upcoming Street Fighter 6 Character Pass 2 DLC includes M. Bison, Vega, Sakura, R. Mika, Elena, and a brand new character.

If these leaks are true, then Season 2 will stand out for having six DLC characters after Character Pass 1 featured only four. However, the leaker states that this season will be the only one to have this many characters “for the foreseeable future.”

Although the new playable character is a mystery with unknown origins, it has been suggested that they might be male and could appear “Middle Eastern or African” in nature, all other DLC characters would be returning from previous entries in the Street Fighter series.

According to the leak, concept art of the six characters also revealed that Sakura’s hair resembles “Hokuto from the Ex series,” and that M. Bison has a cape along with either scars or veins on his skin that go along with his having aged going into SF6, similar to Akuma and Ryu. Vega’s hair is brown, while Elena and Mika seem to wear less revealing clothing than in their previous iterations.

Street Fighter 6 Season 2 DLC release date

Capcom has not yet given any official information on a release date for the Street Fighter 6 Season 2 DLC, but it’s unlikely to be too far off.

The first Street Fighter 6 DLC character, Rashid, came out on July 24, 2023. This was approximately two months after SF6’s original release date. Since Akuma is confirmed to be coming to the game in Spring 2024, fans might get more information on the upcoming DLC characters around that time.
Evo 2024 could be another opportunity for a formal announcement by Capcom, and given that Street Fighter 6 is part of EVO 2024 game list, the official SF6 Character Pass 2 announcement might happen then.

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