Blizzard responds to refund requests for Overwatch 2 heroes

overwatch 2 heroes

Overwatch 2 heroes are being made available for free moving forward and Blizzard answered questions about whether there will be any kind of refunds for those who paid for the privilege. Long story short, no.

Overwatch 2’s seasonal model involves two battle passes; one free and one premium. Leveling up the free battle pass gives players access to the season’s new hero, while purchasing the premium battle pass gives instant access to them. Both battle passes include many other rewards, most notably unique character skins, but unlocking heroes has been central to its value proposition.

Fans who didn’t want to start every new season at a competitive disadvantage needed to pay up to level the playing field and fortunately, Blizzard decided to change this. This doesn’t mean players who previously paid for premium battle passes to get these heroes early will get any recompense, though.

overwatch 2 venture
New Overwatch 2 hero Venture

Will Overwatch 2 refund players for the heroes they paid for?

Blizzard will not refund players for past Overwatch 2 battle pass purchases.

This comes directly from Overwatch 2 game director Aaron Keller, who spoke with GameSpot. Keller was asked if there were any plans to compensate or refund players who purchased Overwatch 2’s past premium battle passes to get those heroes instantly.

“Currently, we’re not planning on offering any refunds for past battle pass purchases,” he said.

Getting refunds from Overwatch 2 has always been challenging, even for recent transactions. Players who were forced into purchasing skins against their will by a bug using certain in-game currencies say they were told that the company “is unable to offer refunds or any compensation for unlocks made with in-game currency.” Blizzard acknowledged the auto-purchase bug’s existence and fixed it later, but Blizzard hasn’t historically prioritized customer satisfaction.

Overwatch 2 Genji Mythic Skin
Genji’s Mythic skin in Overwatch 2

What do you get in Overwatch 2 battle passes now that heroes are free?

Overwatch 2 players can still receive various cosmetics as well as Mythic skins by purchasing battle passes, but heroes are now available for free.

The interview also clarified some information about the teased Mythic Shop and how involved in the battle pass it will be. Unlocking Mythic skins from the Mythic Shop will require Mythic Prisms, and Keller cited the premium battle pass as the best way to unlock this currency. Players will have to play through the entire premium pass to earn enough prisms to unlock a Mythic skin and fully upgrade it, whether it’s from the current season or a previous one. 

If players want more Mythic skins, they will have to purchase them. New skins will only be available through the shop according to Keller. It was also confirmed that the prisms will be transferable from season to season so players can simply choose to save their prisms. There’s no word yet on how much real money these Mythic Prisms will cost in Overwatch 2 but players shouldn’t expect a refund if this currency is made obsolete in a year or two.

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