Remedy Entertainment gives big update on Max Payne remake

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The Max Payne remake has entered the next stage of development in 2024, advancing alongside other Remedy Entertainment projects.

Remedy Entertainment released its financial report for the year 2023 and while the studio admits it was a “challenging year,” the success of Alan Wake 2 was enough to propel Remedy’s next wave of releases for successful franchises. Alan Wake 2 sold over 1 million copies by the end of 2023, making it the fastest-selling game in the company’s history. On top of its financial success, Alan Wake 2 was critically acclaimed for its story and received multiple awards from the industry.

Of course, Remedy has more franchises than Alan Wake. Of those franchises, the Max Payne remake arguably plays an even more significant role in the company’s future. While the game has been in something of a limbo for some time, big news has surfaced on it.

The Max Payne remake will have a budget similar to Alan Wake 2

Remedy Entertainment says the Max Payne remake will have a similar budget to Alan Wake 2, which analysts estimate cost around $75 million to develop.

The company confirmed this in its financial report for 2023. Remedy also confirmed the remake merges the stories of Max Payne 1 and 2 on the official page for the project. Given the scope of the two noir-style action games, a bigger budget was likely inevitable. 

Remedy claims to have made “considerable progress” on the game in 2023 and said it will enter its next stage of development in early 2024. It’s worth noting that Remedy doesn’t own the Max Payne franchise like it does Alan Wake and Control. Rockstar Games still holds the publishing rights for the Max Payne franchise. Remedy confirmed it entered a development agreement with the company in 2022. Rockstar Games is financing the project.

What are Remedy Entertainment’s other upcoming games?

Control 2 and Codename Condor will likely be part of Remedy Entertainment’s next batch of releases, alongside the Max Payne remake.

Codename Condor is the current codename for a new multiplayer co-op shooter set in the Control universe. Meanwhile, Control 2 is still in its proof-of-concept, with the bulk of 2023 focusing on world-building and combat. The company also has DLC for Alan Wake 2 in the pipeline.

The company certainly proved the Remedy Connected Universe’s mettle with the successes of Control and Alan Wake 2. Given how deep into development these games are, Remedy will likely not have a 2024 release. Even so, fans hope the next few games will continue Remedy’s hot streak of releases. 

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