We finally have details on Control’s multiplayer spin-off

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Remedy Entertainment’s next title is likely a Control spin-off and fans might finally have some details on it, including details on FPS extraction shooter gameplay.

After the critical disappointment of Quantum Break, the studio behind Alan Wake needed to remedy the situation. After three years of development and a surprisingly modest budget of $30 million, the studio released Control, a surreal action-adventure game set in the same universe as Alan Wake. 

Control stars Jesse Faden, a woman who unwittingly becomes director of the Federal Bureau of Control, a clandestine organization focused on dealing with paranormal phenomena. Control’s unique style and inventive gameplay led to critical and commercial acclaim. Remedy Entertainment acquired full rights to the Control franchise from publisher 505 Games, which likely means it’s confident in its future.

After Alan Wake’s appearance in the multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight and with Alan Wake 2 DLC currently in the works, the studio is gearing up for its own multiplayer experience. But while one might expect Control to have a third-person perspective, the upcoming multiplayer spin-off is going in a different direction.

Control multiplayer FPS spin-off confirmed

A multiplayer spin-off of Control codenamed “Project Condor” is in development.

Remedy Entertainment initially announced Project Condor in 2021 but gave no details other than the multiplayer aspect and an image of four FBC operators. The different uniforms led to speculations that it could be a class-based shooter. Fans also uncovered a potential title after Remedy Entertainment filed a trademark for “FBC: Firebreak.” 

A recent job listing sheds even more light on what the game will be like. Interestingly, the senior gameplay animator role requires “experience in first-person animations,” a perspective the studio hasn’t utilized in its previous mainline games. Remedy Entertainment does have experience co-developing first-person shooters like CrossfireX and CrossfireHD, although primarily on single-player campaigns. 

It’s worth noting Project Condor is the second multiplayer game the studio is working on. Remedy Entertainment announced the free-to-play “Project Vanguard” in August 2018. It was eventually renamed “Project Kestrel” in 2023 after a move to a premium model, likely after the failures of several live-service projects since 2018. 

Is Control 2 still in development?

Control 2 was announced in 2021 and development is ongoing.

As successful titles like Lethal Company and Phasmophobia prove, gamers love handling supernatural threats with chaotic teamwork. Still, these multiplayer projects left some fans wondering if Control 2’s development will be affected by a FPS multiplayer spin-off. This hasn’t been helped by the many studios that have tried to pivot from compelling single-player games to underwhelming multiplayer games.

The good news is that this new game likely doesn’t impact Remedy’s other projects, as the company stated it has a separate, multiplayer-focused team working on the game. Given the long development period of both multiplayer projects, it’s unlikely the studio has been shifting single-player staff to either title. 

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