Dead by Daylight confirms Alan Wake DLC, reveals release date

dead by daylight alan wake

The asymmetrical multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight announced a collaboration with the Alan Wake franchise, and confirmed a release date for when he will arrive in the DbD universe.

Dead by Daylight has been going from strength to strength since its 2016 debut, adding 35 DLCs featuring both new survivors and killers to keep the game fresh for its community. Previous DLCs have featured a mix of big-name horror characters from all forms of media including film characters like Chucky and video game bosses like Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2.

Another iconic video game character is also joining the fray. The best-selling writer Alan Wake is coming aboard in a collab that’s sure to please fans of the 2023 Game of the Year nominee as they await the game’s DLC.

Is Alan Wake playable in Dead by Daylight?

Alan Wake will be a survivor in Dead by Daylight’s extensive roster of playable licensed characters.

Alan Wake will have three perks, including one using his signature flashlight. The “Champion of Light” gets multiple perks from using a flashlight, as it grants haste and will blind and hinder killers better than when used by other survivors.

The Illumination boon creates a totem that allows all survivors to see chest and generator auras tinged in blue within a certain AOE. Finally, ‘Deadline’ kicks in when Alan is injured, increasing the frequency of Skill Checks while also halving the penalty for failing them.

dead by daylight alan wake

When does the Alan Wake DLC for Dead by Daylight release?

The Dead by Daylight Alan Wake DLC will be released on January 30, 2024.

Dead by Daylight Public Test Build 7.5.0 is accessible now, with precedent suggesting it will run for around two weeks before shutting down for maintenance. It traditionally runs until a few days before the launch of the DLC, which is lined up to be the case here.

This isn’t Alan Wake’s first appearance outside of his own franchise, with Fortnite adding Alan Wake as a skin in 2023. Epic Games created a custom island in Fortnite Creative to recap the events of the first game in the series, letting players experience the original story in a brand-new way.

Will Saga Anderson be in Dead by Daylight?

There has been no indication that Alan Wake 2’s Saga Anderson will be included in the Dead by Daylight DLC. She is certainly not available to play in the Dead by Daylight Public Test Build, suggesting she might not be coming to the game.

While previous DLCs based on licensed characters have introduced two survivors as well as a killer in the same DLC pack, all characters were also revealed to fans first. That isn’t the case to this point, which suggests that Saga Anderson will not be included. There hasn’t been official confirmation on this, but players will get a definitive answer once the Alan Wake Dead by Daylight DLC release date arrives.

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