Here’s everything that’s known about Alan Wake 2’s DLC

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Alan Wake 2 was released a month ago and fans are now wondering what’s in the expansion pass and what the game’s DLC might entail.

Like the in-game author Alan Wake, Alan Wake 2 also spins an intriguing tale that keeps players guessing what comes next. Thankfully, Remedy Entertainment has already announced a string of upcoming DLCs that will expand the story and hopefully sate the appetite of those who have beaten the game. Fans of the company are aware of the connections between Control and the Alan Wake series and the upcoming DLC is rumored to explore the connection further.

Remedy Entertainment announced Alan Wake 2 would receive two DLCs even before the game was released. The developers have already planned the story, a good sign for the connected Remedy universe.

What are the Alan Wake 2 DLCs?

Alan Wake 2 will have two DLCs that are included in the expansion pass; Night Springs and The Lake House.

At present, there is no way to individually buy the DLC for the game. The deluxe edition includes an expansion pass that will include the DLCs after they are released. Players can upgrade their standard edition to the deluxe edition for $20 and gain access to both DLCs alongside skins for both main characters.

Control, Remedy Entertainment’s previous game, also received two critically successful DLCs that were included in the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game and an expansion pass.

What’s in Alan Wake 2’s DLC?

No details have been confirmed on Alan Wake 2’s DLC beyond the “Night Springs” and “The Lake House” names.

Both names hold significance in the Alan Wake universe. Night Springs was a show featured heavily throughout the first Alan Wake game. It matched the beats of the story Alan endured and was generally a good distraction from the darkness-based horrors. The show riffs on The Twilight Zone and served as a story-in-a-story during the game. It remains to be seen how Alan Wake 2 integrates “Night Springs” in Bright Falls.

Alan Wake 2 Night Springs

The second DLC, The Lake House, is a location mentioned in the game. “Lake House” is a Federal Bureau of Control outpost that has gone dark. The FBC is the same organization that was featured in the game Control.

Alan Wake 2 saw a short delay in its release date and it’s unclear if the DLC expansions will be pushed back similarly. Both DLC expansions in the season pass are slated to be released sometime next year. No confirmed release dates have been announced as of yet, but with Alan Wake 2 and Baldur’s Gate 3 being the most-nominated game in the 2023 Game Awards, it’s possible that details could come out during the event.

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