Silent Hill 2 remake DLC, release date, and PS5 exclusivity details

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The classic survival-horror game Silent Hill 2 is getting the remake treatment, bringing James and Pyramid Head to modern consoles.

Konami has been silent about the anticipated Silent Hill 2 remake. Apart from an announcement trailer, released in October 2022, details about the remake have been scarce. However, the initial trailer was enough to spark interest among horror game fans, even without a release date.

With horror games enjoying a surge of remakes like Dead Space and Resident Evil 4, series revivals like Alan Wake 2, and new takes on the genre like Fear and Hunger 2: Termina and World of Horror, horror fans have been eating well in recent years. This isn’t even speaking of ongoing projects like updates for Dead by Daylight and new titles from Supermassive Games.

The original Silent Hill 2 remains one of the best games in the genre, so naturally, fans are eager to dive into the foggy, monster-filled world again once the remake is released. Here’s everything that’s been officially stated about the game, and what leaks and reports are saying about the big gaps.

Silent Hill 2 remake release date details, leaks

No official release date has come out on Silent Hill 2 remake, but a leak suggests that the game will come out March 21, 2024.

The date came from an update on PCGameBenchmark‘s database. The website listed Silent Hill 2 remake as having that release date, which was later taken down. A previous rumor indicated an October 2023 release date, which turned out to be false. Fans were also hopeful regarding a September 24, 2023 release on the anniversary of the original game’s release September 24, 2001, but this didn’t come to pass either.

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Konami is keeping quiet on the release date and there’s no guarantee that the leak on PCGameBenchmark will come to fruition. Bloober Team’s CEO stated that the game was nearly ready for release as far back as October 2023.

The crush of major video game releases in the second half of 2023 and the first quarter of 2024 has seen games pushed back just to avoid intense competition. Fellow classic horror game remake Alone in the Dark made this move, which saw the game pushed back from October 2023 to March 2024. Even if that March 2024 release date was internally planned at one point for the Silent Hill 2 remake, it may have been changed at any given point.

Silent Hill 2 remake platforms

Silent Hill 2 remake is confirmed for a PlayStation 5 and PC release. The game is already available for preorder at some major retailers.

While the game is confirmed for release on both PS5 and PC, it won’t be coming out on both at the same time. Silent Hill 2 is set to drop on the PS5 first, with ports coming at a later date.

Pyramid Head Silent Hill 2 Remake

Is the Silent Hill 2 remake a PS5 exclusive?

The Silent Hill 2 remake has a 12-month console exclusivity window on PlayStation 5 but will come out on PC.

However, the game is skipping the last generation of Sony consoles, so PlayStation 4 owners won’t be able to play the classic horror game. Bloober Team, the studio behind the remake, indicates that it is remaking the game from the ground up to use the power of the current generation of consoles.

While there is no official confirmation, the aging PlayStation 4 might not have enough power to run the remake. The PS4 and Xbox One are now more than three years removed from “current-gen” status, and more major releases are starting to skip the platforms.

Will the Silent Hill 2 remake come out on Xbox?

Konami hasn’t announced any plans to release Silent Hill 2 remake on the Xbox series of consoles.

Silent Hill 2 was first released on the PlayStation 2 console in North America on September 25, 2001. Xbox saw an expanded version of the game released on December 18, 2001, that featured extra content relative to the PS2 version.

The Silent Hill 2 remake isn’t currently slated to launch on Xbox consoles, at least not outwardly. It is unclear whether this is indicative of the game never coming out on Xbox, or if Konami and Sony are being deliberately vague regarding which platforms the game will come out on. Though presenting multiplatform games as exclusives isn’t a new phenomenon, games like Persona 3 Reload have seen their platform lineups seemingly obfuscated across the majority of promotional materials.

Silent Hill 2 may be in the same boat, but only time will tell. Xbox fans might not have to worry about being left out of the survival horror party, though. There are indications that Hideo Kojima’s canceled Silent Hills game might be brought to life in his upcoming OD game.

Silent Hill 2 remake version differences

There is not yet any information about different release versions of the Silent Hill 2 remake.

Modern trends suggest the Silent Hill 2 remake will receive a deluxe edition, and may receive a collector’s edition. Konami has been ramping up licensing for merchandise based on its titles, so there’s no question that there will be Pyramid Head statues available for a collector’s edition. But ultimately, it’s unknown at this time what kind of offering these extra versions might offer relative to just purchasing the base game.

Who is making the Silent Hill 2 remake?

Bloober Team is making the Silent Hill 2 remake. It is not being made by Team Silent, the developers behind the original release. The Polish studio has released a number of horror games that have received mixed or generally positive reviews.

While the original developer, Team Silent, disbanded almost a decade ago, some key figures who made the original Silent Hill 2 are returning to help with the remake. Creature designer Masahiro Ito, the person behind some of the series’ most identifiable creatures including Pyramid Head, Bubble Head Nurse, and Abstract Daddy, is returning to aid Bloober Team.

The original composer, Akira Yamaoka, is also returning for the remake. Yamaoka has worked on Persona 4: Dancing All Night, Killer is Dead, and The Medium.

What games has the Bloober Team Made?

Bloober Team has made The Medium, Layers of Fear, and Blair Witch and is working on Silent Hill 2 and Scopophobia.

The Medium, released on January 28, 2021, was an Xbox console exclusive before landing on PlayStation 5. A Nintendo Switch version came out on July 29, 2023. The game was heavily inspired by classic Silent Hill and Resident Evil titles, and has average scores around the 75% mark according to review aggregators.

Alongside this is the Layers of Fear series, a line of first-person horror games in the same vein as the Amnesia series. The company took this approach and used it for a video game reimagining of the classic horror film The Blair Witch Project. These games received either mixed or generally favorable reviews, with average scores of 65% to 75%.

Bloober Team’s highest-rated game to date is Observer. The game has an average score that is only marginally higher than other Bloober Team releases, but it received extremely positive reviews from some outlets.

Will the Silent Hill 2 revival be good?

It is unknown if the Silent Hill 2 revival will be a good game. Konami’s decision to partner with Bloober Team on the game received some criticism.

Bloober Team stated that it plans to walk the tightrope of staying faithful to the original while modernizing its gameplay.

silent hill 2 remake

“One of our primary goals is to preserve the atmosphere that made Silent Hill 2 so exceptional, while also modernizing many aspects of the game’s overall gameplay. We are working closely with the original creators, including Akira Yamaoka and Masahiro Ito, to ensure we’re keeping that unique Silent Hill feel intact,” Bloober Team creative director and lead designer Mateusz Lenart stated through the official PlayStation blog.

It remains to be seen how updated the remake will be. The story, atmosphere, and monsters are said to be left intact, but the game will go from a distant third-person perspective to an over-the-shoulder camera. This will likely necessitate overhauls of the level design and some puzzles.

Bloober Team is yet to release a game that has received decisively positive reviews, which has fans questioning if it can be trusted with remaking arguably the greatest game of its genre. The studio has also been criticized for its depictions of trauma survivors and domestic abuse, two of the main themes in Silent Hill 2’s story.

How can I play the original Silent Hill 2?

The original Silent Hill 2 cannot be played on modern consoles. The closest fans can get is playing Silent Hill HD Collection on Xbox consoles or obtaining a physical copy of the PlayStation 2 or original Xbox versions.

Silent Hill 1 and 2 were previously available on the PlayStation Now game streaming service but were removed when the service merged into PlayStation Plus Premium. It is unclear if they will return.

Silent Hill 2 Hd
The HD version of Silent Hill 2 reduced the amount of fog, which fans and critics disliked.

The Xbox 360 version of Silent Hill HD Collection, which includes Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3, can be purchased digitally and played on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles thanks to its backward compatibility. However, despite being a “remaster,” the Silent Hill HD Collection makes substantial changes to the games. This includes the removal of fog from Silent Hill 2, a decision that was panned by critics, and new voice acting.

Will there be DLC for the Silent Hill 2 remake?

It is unknown if there will be DLC for the Silent Hill 2 remake, but it’s possible.

silent hill 2 born from a wish
Silent Hill 2: Born from a Wish

The original Silent Hill 2 predates DLC, but had the extra “Born from a Wish” side story in its Xbox release. Born from a Wish puts the player in the shoes of Maria in a story that takes place alongside the opening beats of the main game. It introduces new characters and gives more insight into Maria’s character.

Born from a Wish could be expanded or reimagined as a DLC, similar to the Separate Ways DLC of Resident Evil 4. Separate Ways was an extra mission starring Ada Wong for the PlayStation 2 port of Resident Evil 4, which was originally a Gamecube exclusive. It was expanded and turned into a DLC in the 2023 remake of Resident Evil 4.

Neither Konami nor Bloober Team has discussed the matter.

heather silent hill 3

Will they remake Silent Hill 3?

Konami’s internal reports state that it intends to create more remakes of Silent Hill games after Silent Hill 2, but it’s unknown whether Silent Hill 3 will receive this treatment.

The company is deadset on making more Silent Hill games, including “remakes” and not just one “remake.” There’s no indication as to which game or games will get this treatment. Either Silent Hill 1 or Silent Hill 3 are the most likely candidates given their comparatively strong legacies, but there’s no guarantee it will be either of them.

The latest game in the franchise, Silent Hill: Ascension, wasn’t received well by the fans. However, there are at least two more games in the pipeline. Projects include Silent Hill f and Silent Hill: Downfall.

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