Silent Hill 2 remake release date revealed: Here’s when it arrives

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After a long wait, the Silent Hill 2 Remake release date was announced during the PlayStation’s May 2024 State of Play event. 

Konami has kept some tight wraps on its first proper AAA release since returning to console game development. The Silent Hill 2 remake was announced in October 2022 and since then, news has come sporadically and controversially. There’s even been very public frustration between Konami and the remake’s developer, Bloober Team.

The game’s marketing has been nakedly disorganized, starting with an odd leak revealing a March release date. This was seemingly confirmed as GameStop locations across the United States hung posters for the game. While the day came and went without any return to Silent Hill, fans now know when it officially arrives.

Silent Hill 2 remake release date revealed

The Silent Hill 2 remake is releasing on October 8, 2024 on PlayStation 5 and PC.

The game has a 12-month console exclusivity window for the PlayStation 5. An Xbox release is not announced. It remains to be seen if the game will make its way to Xbox or Nintendo consoles after the exclusivity ends. For now, fans of the game can either pre-order it on PS5 or get the game on PC. 

The last mainline game, 2012’s Silent Hill: Downpour, had a lukewarm reception. This was followed by Konami largely bowing out of video game development. The company returned to action in 2023 and, so far, it hasn’t been what Silent Hill fans hoped for.

Silent Hill: Ascension failed to impress critics and gamers alike and was panned for its concept, execution, and everything in between. From there, Silent Hill: The Short Message was shadow-dropped. The game was essentially a Hideo Kojima-free version of PT, as a “walking simulator” with a more flowery version of Lisa. Despite being free, the game had a mixed reception due to its awkward use of live-action cutscenes and brief runtime.

The release of Silent Hill 2 remake is a high-stakes affair for Konami, as it looks to honor an iconic game and woo back those who gave up hope.

What’s different in the SIlent Hill 2 remake?

The Silent Hill 2 remake will significantly overhaul the original’s gameplay with the use of an over-the-shoulder camera and other additions.

Bloober Team has stated it intends to be as faithful to the original as possible, when it comes to the pacing and atmosphere. However, the developers are doing a complete graphical overhaul, bringing the game to modern times. This is clear when comparing the system requirements for Silent Hill 2’s remake relative to any previous releases.

Some elements of the game are also set to be changed. The ESRB announced an M-rating for the game and its breakdown of objectionable content leaked what could be new weapons and areas.

The game will also include multiple members from the original game’s development team. Akira Yamaoka, the original composer for Silent Hill 2, is coming back for the remake. Masahiro Ito, the creature designer for the classic, is also aboard. The gameplay snippets in the new footage also show marked changes in player controls and camera movement. 

Fans will likely get more looks at what’s to come as the Silent Hill 2 remake release date approaches.

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