Ghost of Tsushima PC version reveal, release may be coming soon

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Reports and discussion are swirling around a Ghost of Tsushima PC version being officially announced and a leaker with existing bona fides says this is the case. 

Ghost of Tsushima was one of the many successful PlayStation 4 exclusives to get released in 2020, alongside Final Fantasy 7 Remake and the 2020 Game of the Year winner, The Last of Us Part 2. While Final Fantasy 7 Remake has made its way to PC, Ghost of Tsushima is still a PlayStation exclusive.

However, according to reports a PC port of the Sucker Punch Productions-developed game is in the works. While fans don’t have any official news of a PC version yet, a leaker states it’ll get an announcement soon.

Is there a Ghost of Tsushima’s PC version?

Ghost of Tsushima’s PC port will reportedly be announced on March 6, 2024.

The leak comes from X user Haothors, who made two claims simultaneously on a Twitter account that has since been made private. The first claim was that fans would get new information about Horizon Forbidden West’s PC port on March 5, 2024. True to what the leaker said, the official PlayStation blog post revealed the required specs for the game’s PC version on that date.

Alongside that was discussion of a Ghost of Tsushima announcement coming around that time. This was seemingly co-signed by Nick Baker of the XboxEra Podcast, who stated it would come around March 5.

If that wasn’t enough, past leaks surrounding Nvidia GeForce’s supported games foretold many PlayStation exclusives coming to PC, including God of War and Horizon Forbidden West, which are either playable on PC or confirmed to get a PC port. Ghost of Tsushima was also part of the list, strongly suggesting that the game will go multi-platform.

Ghost of Tsushima PC release date

It’s unknown when the Ghost of Tsushima PC port will be released, as the version has not been officially confirmed.

Horizon Forbidden West’s PC port was announced on January 2024, with a March 2024 release date. If the leak of Ghost of Tsushima’s PC port getting announced on March 5, 2024, is accurate, then the game will likely get a mid-2024 release date.

The same leaker previously stated that Ghost of Tsushima 2 would get an official announcement in May or June 2024. Sucker Punch might schedule Ghost of Tsushima 2’s announcement to be on the same day as Ghost of Tsushima’s PC release.

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