There’s evidence of an Escape from New York game, is it real?

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Concept art and screenshots of an unannounced Escape from New York game have leaked online, suggesting that the 1980s action classic will get a video game adaptation.

Escape from New York has influenced iconic franchises in the games industry. Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid heavily draws from Escape from New York protagonist Snake Plissken’s aesthetic and personality and even uses the alias “Pliskin” in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. Escape from New York has been adapted to books, comics, and board games but never had luck with video games.

After the success of Robocop: Rogue City, other ’80s action classics might be making their way back to video games. Escape from New York might be among them, with leaked concept art suggesting that the film will be resurrected in a brand new way.

Is an Escape from New York game in development?

No developers have confirmed they are actively developing the Escape from New York game, but leaked concept art suggests one is in development. Or at least, it was.

An album entitled “Unannounced Escape from New York Game” containing over 30 pieces of concept art and screenshots leaked in March 2024. Although the leaker blurred the logos, it was visible enough to make out “Slipgate Ironworks,” a studio that has done co-development and supporting work for several games including Ghostrunner and Ancestors Legacy.

Most concept art featured post-apocalyptic New York in all its sleazy glory, with fallen buildings and burning cars dotting the landscape. An in-game screenshot of Snake Plissken also reveals the likeness of Kurt Russel, a relief for fans who wondered if the game got the rights from the actor. Finally, the album reveals new characters alongside Snake Plissken.

Will Escape from New York feature multiple playable characters?

The Escape from New York game may feature four different playable characters.

Although the names of these characters are unknown outside of Snake Plissken, the logos underneath their character art could hint at class-based gameplay. With that setup, the Escape from New York game might be a co-op shooter like the Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League or Borderlands

A punk rock woman wielding explosives specializing in crowd control, a bearded bruiser with a shotgun and sledgehammer for close-quarters combat, a lithe and suave assassin with razor-sharp cards and revolver for single-target damage, and Snake Plissken as the all-rounder fill out the game’s potential roster. 

No one linked to Slipgate Ironworks or the Escape from New York have acknowledged or confirmed anything related to this allegedly leaked concept art. The idea and execution align with the current state of the video game industry, however.

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