Good news and bad news arrived on these Final Fantasy remakes

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Final Fantasy fans just some good news and some bad news about the previously rumored FF9 and FF10 remakes.

Final Fantasy 9 and 10 remakes have reportedly been in the works since 2023, when a leaker stated the classic games were set for a refresh. Months removed from the initial report, a different leaker is corroborating one of these claims, while pouring water on the other.

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Sega and Atlus leaker Midori was discussing Square Enix on Twitter. Midori is known for leaking information about Persona games, including details recently about Persona 5 Tactica DLC and the reveal of Persona 3 Reload. After discussing other facets of Square Enix, a follower questioned the status of the Final Fantasy remakes. She stated that one doesn’t exist, while the other is very real.

FF9 remake is reportedly coming

Another report has come in suggesting that the Final Fantasy 9 remake is real, and is potentially coming soon.

According to Midori, Final Fantasy 9 is currently being remade. The well-known leaker didn’t give any more information, but stated that the game is real. Leaker Im A Hero Too, who first discussed the remake, stated in 2023 that it was targeted to be released in summer 2024, but that they’re unsure if this was still the plan. Square Enix has undergone a number of shakeups since then that could have impacted the release window.

Some are guessing that an announcement or surprise release will happen on July 7, the anniversary of the original Final Fantasy 9. Square Enix has not officially confirmed any remake.

FF9 is one of the most beloved Final Fantasy games. While the idea of a remake has some excited, others are nervous about changes that could be made to it. Speculation points to the idea that a Final Fantasy 9 remake would be faithful to the original compared to the completely redone Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Whether this “remake” is akin to Final Fantasy 8 Remastered, or something that goes beyond that, remains to be seen.

The FF10 remake may have been scrapped

Final Fantasy 10 reportedly won’t be getting a remake.

Fans of Final Fantasy 10 will have to keep hoping for a remake in the future. Midori claims that there’s no FF10 remake being worked on right now. Im A Hero Too stated in 2023 that the FF10 remake was in an extremely early stage of development. It’s possible the game fizzled during the idea phase or may have been canceled at some point.

Regardless, the PlayStation 2 title received an HD remaster in 2013 that is now available on all modern platforms. Though a remake could have added some new elements, there’s still plenty to enjoy about the original.

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