GTA 6 could be coming out sooner than you expected

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GTA 6’s exact release date is still unknown, but there’s reason to believe that the wait won’t be as bad as it sounds and it may come out sooner than some feared.

The anticipated launch of GTA 6 and the impact it will have on gaming need no explanation. The hype is widespread not only among gamers but also developers, industry analysts, and leakers as well. Unofficial releases of media and even code have been the unfortunate norm for Grand Theft Auto.

Regardless, analyzing these leaks has become one of the internet’s favorite pastimes, especially since Rockstar Games is known for being very tight-lipped about its games. A person who got an early look at GTA 6’s reveal trailer discussed the ETA for the game, and it’s good news for fans who are eager to hit the streets.

When is GTA 6 coming out?

GTA 6 may be released in January or February 2025, according to a leaker who spoiled portions of the reveal trailer before its release.

A theorem from Reddit user JarlOfRivia, who accurately described most of the trailer’s content prior to its release, is predicting a release very early in 2025. Specifically, they state it might be released in January or February next year.

Officially, GTA 6’s release window if 2025, with no further specificity. JarlOfRivia isn’t the only one making this prediction, however. Nuro_Citrix, who previously predicted the release of the trailer in December, said similar but got even more specific. They tweeted that February 18, 2025 is the exact date when GTA 6 is going to release globally.

According to Bloomberg‘s Jason Schreier, GTA 6 is in the final stages of development, which aligns with this possible release date. 

Even if Nuro_Citrix and JarlOfRivia are getting their information from credible sources, delays could happen for any number of reasons and Rockstar isn’t historically strong in this regard. Grand Theft Auto 4 was pushed back six months from its original October 2007 release date, while Grand Theft Auto 5’s release was also moved from Spring to Fall 2013, and even the release of GTA 5’s next-gen versions was shifted from November 2021 to March 2022.

Either way, while some may have worried about a lengthy wait for the game, there’s cause for hope.

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Written by Mohamed Hassan

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