Hades 2: Every Nocturnal Arm & Weapon Aspect, and best boons for each

Hecate holding weapons in Hades 2

Much like Hades 1, Hades 2 features a vast arsenal of Nocturnal Arms, Weapon Aspects that give them flavor, and powerful boons from the gods to make them even better.

Hades 2 plays quite differently from Hades 1 and the weapons communicate those differences most of all. Melinoe wields her Nocturnal Arms more methodically than her big brother, and the weapons fit her comparatively cautious play style. Despite the differences, Melinoe is just as capable of dishing out death as Zagreus was.

There are many different options available to players when it comes to how players serve it up, though. Hades 2’s early access dropped with five different Nocturnal Arms, with each one having three different Weapon Aspects. Here’s how to unlock all Weapon Aspects and the best boon for each Nocturnal Arm.

How to unlock the incantation for Weapon Aspects in Hades 2

To unlock the Weapon Aspects tab in the Training Grounds, players need to defeat Hecate several times over. This will eventually trigger a conversation about the weapons not having unlocked their full potential.

This lets Melinoe learn about The Aspects of Night and Darkness incantation. The incantation will require 5 Bronze and 1 Nightshade. These can be mined with the Crescent Pick in Ephyra and dug up with the Silver Spade in Erebus, respectively.

After, players have the ability to unlock different Weapon Aspects for each Nocturnal Arm. Doing so requires specific items, but players are well-served by getting all of them.

All Nocturnal Arms in Hades 2 and their best boons and Daedalus Hammer upgrades

While Weapon Aspects can strengthen specific facets of a weapon in Hades 2, players also need to consider the best boons for each. Generally speaking, the best boons for each Nocturnal Arm will carry over across each Weapon Aspect. This means that the best boons for the Aspect of Melinoe version of a Nocturnal Arm will be similar or the same as those attached to other characters.

Here’s a breakdown of the best boons for each Nocturnal Arm:

Nocturnal ArmBest Boons and upgrades
Witch’s StaffPoseidon’s Wave Flourish, Rapid Moonfire
Sister BladesAphrodite’s Flutter Strike, Explosive Special
Moonstone AxeAphrodite’s Flutter Strike, Apollo’s Nova Flourish, Furious Whirlwind, Giga Cleaver
Umbral FlamesHestia’s Flame Strike, Flame Flourish, Hera’s Hitch, Demeter’s Freeze, Triple Helix, Furious Fire, Split Fire
Argent SkullAphrodite’s Flutter Flourish, Colossus Tackle, Apollo’s Lucid Gain, Zeus’ Ionic Gain

Witch’s Staff Weapon Aspects

Melinoe holding Witch's Staff in Hades 2

The Witch’s Staff is the simplest of the Nocturnal Arms, given it is Melinoe’s first weapon upon starting the game, with a simple melee attack and ranged special. Opt for boons and upgrades that increase the effectiveness of the Witch’s Staff special. The Witch’s Staff arguably offers the most reliable ranged attack out of all the Nocturnal Arms. 

Poseidon’s Wave Flourish gives the projectiles extra splash damage. Paired with the Rapid Moonfire hammer upgrade that increases special speed and power, Melinoe wields an explosive water machine gun that can clear out hordes of enemies in no time.

Witch’s Staff Weapon AspectsItems Needed to Unlock
Aspect of MelinoeN/A
Aspect of Circe3 Glassrock (Fields of Mourning, Crescent Pick), 1 Dark (Chaos)
Aspect of Momus5 Pearls (Scylla), 1 Obol Points card (Charon)

Aspect of Melinoe

The Aspect of Melinoe lets the player channel their Omega Moves faster, and upgrades will increase the speed even further.

Aspect of Circe

After landing 21 attacks or specials, Melinoe gains Serenity, which makes Omega Moves 15% faster, and Magicka regenerates rapidly. Serenity’s duration increases with each upgrade.

Aspect of Momus

The Aspect of Momus makes the Witch’s Staff special and Omega Special deal +10 damage. Additionally, while Melinoe has 50% or less health, she can absorb her Omega Special to restore 5 health. Upgrading this aspect adds power to the special and restores more health.

Sister Blades Weapon Aspects

Melinoe holding the Sister Blades in Hades 2

The Sister Blades offer powerful single-target damage potential with a melee attack and ranged special. The best boons for the Sister Blades are ones that enhance their Omega Attack. The ambush potential of the Sister Blades needs to be the focus. The strategy is Omega Attack, cast to trap the enemies, then dash out and throw knives. 

Aphrodite’s Flutter Strike offers some of the highest melee damage potential among the boons. Paired with the Explosive Special upgrade that deals +400% damage for extra Magick, few things can survive Melinoe’s ambush. 

Sister Blade Weapon AspectsItems Needed to Unlock
Aspect of MelinoeN/A
Aspect of Artemis15 Silver (Erebus, Crescent Pick), 1 Glassrock (Fields of Mourning, Crescent Pick)
Aspect of Pan1 Wool (Polyphemus), 2 Shaderot (Tartarus)

Aspect of Melinoe

Melinoe’s attacks and specials deal bonus backstab damage against foes when she hits them from behind. Upgrading the aspect will boost the backstage damage bonus. 

Aspect of Artemis

While Melinoe channels her Omega Attack, she has a chance to Parry (block most attacks every 15 seconds) and then Riposte (become Impervious for 1 second and gain a +50% Critical chance on the next nine strikes). Upgrading this Aspect makes the attack and Omega Attack faster.

Aspect of Pan

The Sister Blades’ special now seeks foes in Melinoe’s Cast and adds an extra blade to the Omega Special. Upgrading the aspect adds even more blades to Melinoe’s Omega Special.

Moonstone Axe Weapon Aspects

Melinoe holding Moonstone Axe in Hades 2

The heftiest weapon in Hades 2, the Moonstone Axe boasts a hard-hitting whirlwind attack and an interesting special that blocks attacks before turning into a cleave. Opt for boons that amplify the power of the Moonstone Axe’s Omega Attack and special. Unlike the other weapons mentioned thus far, the Moonstone Axe is most effective with the boons spread out. 

Seek out Aphrodite’s Fluttering Strike for high-damage attacks and Apollo’s Nova Flourish for bigger cleaves. The Furious Whirlwind upgrade significantly speeds up the whirlwind attack, while Giga Cleaver lets Melinoe cleave twice for extra Magick. 

Moonstone Axe Weapon AspectsItems Needed to Unlock
Aspect of MelinoeN/A
Aspect of Thanatos3 Glassrock (Erebus, Crescent Pick), 1 Dark (Chaos)
Aspect of Charon5 Pearls (Scylla), 1 Obol Points card (Charon)

Aspect of Melinoe

Melinoe recovers faster after using attacks and specials, with each upgrade further enhancing recovery speed. 

Aspect of Thanatos

Whenever Melinoe hits enemies with Omega Moves, they gain a Critical hit chance of up to +4%, with each upgrade boosting those chances even further. 

Aspect of Charon

Melinoe’s Cast lasts 3 seconds longer and will erupt like an Omega Cast if hit with the Moonstone Axe’s Omega Special. Upgrading this aspect makes the Cast bigger and deals more damage once it erupts.

Umbral Flames Weapon Aspects

Melinoe holding the Umbral Flames in Hades 2

The Umbral Flames is a harassment weapon through and through, with a rapid-fire ranged attack and a special that summons fiery orbs around Melinoe. The best boons for the Umbral Flames apply curses work best, given the rapid-fire nature of the weapon. The sheer amount of projectiles Melinoe can generate means curses are easy to apply.

Hestia’s Flame Strike and Flame Flourish apply Scorch to foes, a burn effect that deals damage over time and stacks. Other curses of note are Hera’s Hitch and Demeter’s Freeze. Triple Helix, Furious Fire, and Split Fire work best for these curse builds as they increase the speed or number of projectiles the Umbral Flames can spit out.  

Umbral Flames Weapon AspectsItems Needed to Unlock
Aspect of MelinoeN/A
Aspect of Moros2 Bronze (Ephyra), 2 Tears (Cerberus)
Aspect of Eos2 Driftwood (Rift of Thessaly), 2 Golden Apples (Eris)

Aspect of Melinoe

Melinoe’s Omega Special burns longer before expiring, and each upgrade makes the flames last even longer.

Aspect of Moros

Melinoe’s attacks will linger for six seconds and will explode if hit by Melinoe’s specials, with each upgrade increasing the explosion’s damage. 

Aspect of Eos

Melinoe’s attacks grow more bigger and deal more damage over 4 seconds, at a maximum of 40% more damage. Sprinting will also make the flames return to Melinoe. Each upgrade increases the maximum damage of these orbs. 

Argent Skull Weapon Aspects

Melinoe holding Argent Skull in Hades 2

The Argent Skull can deal explosive damage with its ranged attack, though Melinoe will need to pick the skulls back up to fire again. Pick boons that make the Argent Skull’s Omega Special more powerful. The charged dash is essentially a tidal wave of death, and boosting that makes it easy to clear rooms with the Argent Skull.

Aphrodite’s Flutter Flourish is the best boon for the Argent Skull’s damage output. Colossus Tackle makes it hit even harder while reducing damage taken during the special. Other boons should support Melinoe’s ability to keep using the Omega Special, so any Magick regeneration boons like Apollo’s Lucid Gain and Zeus’ Ionic Gain are a must-get. 

Argent Skull Weapon AspectsItems Needed to Unlock
Aspect of MelinoeN/A
Aspect of Persephone1 Moss (Ephyra), 5 Poppies (Tartarus, Silver Spade)
Aspect of Medea4 Iron (Rift of Thessaly, Crescent Pick), 1 Nightshade (Erebus, Silver Spade)

Aspect of Melinoe

Melinoe’s attacks have more power for each un-retrieved Shell, with each upgrade boosting the power even further. 

Aspect of Persephone

Melinoe generates Glory any time she deals damage. Glory makes Omega Specials last up to 5 seconds longer, with each upgrade increasing the Omega Special’s damage output. 

Aspect of Medea

Melinoe’s attacks will always stay within reach for easy retrieval, and will explode after 3 seconds or when hit with the special. Upgrading boosts attack and special damage. 

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