Here’s where to get G Apples in Hades 2, and how to farm them

About to fight Eris in Hades 2

The Golden Apple, or G Apple for short, is an item players will likely want to learn more about in the late game of Hades 2, including its location and what it’s used for. 

Hades 2 has a long list of ingredients players must collect to unlock every Arcana Card upgrade, incantation, and Weapon Aspect. Fortunately, most are fairly easy to acquire as they spawn in the same area or just require a specific tool to farm. However, the same can’t be said for the Golden Apple.

Acquired after one of the toughest boss fights, the Golden Apple is an ingredient late-game players will likely want to get their hands on, especially for build-specific runs. Here’s where to get this metallic fruit and what it’s used for.

Golden Apple in Hades 2

Where to find and farm G Apples in Hades 2

The Golden Apple spawns after Melinoe defeats Eris in the Rift of Thessaly, the second area on the way to Olympus.

In addition to reaching Tartarus, Hades 2 also tasks players with climbing to Olympus, the home of the gods. With the ward blocking the path to Olympus broken, players must conquer the Cyclops Polyphemus at the end of the City of Ephyra before reaching the Rift of Thessaly.

The spawned Golden Apple

At the end of this region full of ships, the personification of strife herself Eris blocks the path forward. Wielding the Adamant Rail from the first Hades, Eris is a tough foe to conquer. However, with careful planning and many Death Defiances, players can defeat Nyx’s daughter, prompting her to drop a Golden Apple every time she’s bested.

Unfortunately, beating Eris repeatedly is the only way to farm G Apples in Hades 2 early access. Players may need to do many runs in order to get everything they need.

What are Golden Apples used for in Hades 2?

Golden Apples are used for brewing incantations and unlocking Arcana Cards and weapon aspects.

Likely the most important recipe that requires a G Apple is the Insight into Offerings incantation. Requiring 2 Ambrosia, 2 Poppy, and 1 Golden Apple, brewing this incantation allows Melinoe to see a complete list of every Olympian’s boons in the Book of Shadows.

Aspect of Eos in Hades 2

Other uses of G Apples include unlocking the Aspect of Eos upgrade for the Umbral Flames and upgrading the Eternity Arcana Card to acquire another use of Death Defiance. The Divinity Arcana Card also requires Golden Apples to unlock. This late-game card makes it so every offered boon has a set chance to be upgraded to Epic rarity.

The G Apple’s official description states it’s usually used with incantations involving beauty, suggesting players may find more use for it when Supergiant Games brings more updates.

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