Hades 2: Every way to get Death Defiance and how to regain it

Death Defiance in Hades 2 allows Melinoe to reacquire some health after dying, so fans will want to know every way they can get them.

Hades 2 is a roguelike in which players must clear various bosses and areas to reach the final boss in a single run. Fortunately, boons and other abilities make it easier to survive in runs. Arguably the most useful one is Death Defiance, which allows Melinoe to restore health upon death depending on how many Death Defiances she has.

The game has multiple methods to acquire Death Defiances, and while some are straightforward, others require players to go out of their way. Doing so is worth the effort, as avoiding the afterlife is the name of the game. 

How to get Death Defiance in Hades 2

There are three ways to gain Death Defiance in Hades 2; Arcana Cards, Keepsakes, and Familiars. Each one has its own mechanics and functions and is pursued differently. Ultimately, players are well-served by doing everything they can to extend runs, so these are worth getting.

Eternity Arcana Card

The first way to get Death Defiance in Hades 2 is through Arcana Cards. Costing 20 Ashes to unlock and 4 Grasp to equip, the Eternity card allows Melinoe to start every run with one Death Defiance.


The card can also be upgraded to give the player more stacks of Death Defiance. The Eternity Arcana Card offers up to three opportunities to cheat death when fully upgraded, making this the primary option for players.

Luckier Tooth keepsake

Every time the player gifts an NPC a Nectar, they get a keepsake in return. Schelemeus, the Training Master at the Crossroads training grounds and the former Skelly from the first Hades, gifts Melinoe the Luckier Tooth keepsake.

Luckier Tooth keepsake in Hades 2

When equipped, Luckier Tooth offers one instance of Death Defiance. Clearing encounters with this keepsake equipped can also upgrade it, allowing Melinoe to regenerate more health every time Melinoe is bailed out by this keepsake.

Trusty feline Familar Toula

Toula the Cat can be recruited as a familiar by the player to assist Melinoe during her runs. Alongside attacking enemies and replacing the fishing rod, she gives Melinoe a bonus Death Defiance.

Toula's abilities in Hades 2

While the amount of health Toula’s Death Defiance regenerates is a meager 10 at the start, the player can feed her more treats to upgrade her Heart Bond. Doing so will increase the amount of health Melinoe regenerates with Toula’s Death Defiance.

How do you regain Death Defiance in Hades 2?

Players can regain their lost Death Defiance after using them during runs through Echo and Charon.

Echo is a person of interest Melinoe can meet in the Fields of Mourning, the third area on the way to the Underworld. Speaking with her allows the player to choose one of three randomly chosen Plaintive Echoes and one of them called “Survive Survive Survive” regenerates all used Death Defiance stacks.

Echo Survive Survive Survive boon in Hades 2

Additionally, if lucky, the boatman of the river Styx Charon sometimes sells Death Defiance recharges. These recharges cost a pretty penny, or gold in this case, and are usually available before the final Underworld fight, although some Wells of Charon offer this option sometimes too.

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