Is there hope for Bloodborne 2 with waves of new merch & movie?

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Fans are still eagerly awaiting a Bloodborne 2, remake, remaster, PC port, or next-gen patch and while none of these has been announced, there’s a spark of hope with a recent wave of merch based on the game.

Bloodborne fans arguably have it worse than even Hollow Knight: Silksong fans do when it comes to disappointment from their respective IPs. Every PlayStation Showcase sees thousands of Bloodborne fans clamor for literally anything. And every time, the fans leave the showcase saddened at the lack of Bloodborne news.

While reports of a Bloodborne movie have circulated for a while, everything about the project implies it’s early in pre-production. Fans have a reason to believe based on some recent news, though it’s not because of anything directly from Sony.

Loads of new Bloodborne merch has come out in 2024

Multiple Bloodborne merch releases have come in early 2024. The latest is in collaboration with Super Groupies.

Super Groupies is an online retailer specializing in merch related to anime and video games. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the merchandise is detailed, unique, and expensive. The new merchandise includes hunter leather gloves and boots decked out in Caryll Runes, and a pocket watch based on the Astral Clocktower. 

This is not the first merch drop for Bloodborne from Super Groupies. This set is the third time Bloodborne merch has dropped from the company.

Could this indicate a Bloodborne 2, remaster, remake, PC port, or anything else?

There is still no official word on any new video game-related releases for Bloodborne, despite Sony reportedly investing in the series.

As with previous collaborations, many fans took this as a sign that Sony has something planned for the Bloodborne franchise. If nothing else, the merchandise proves Sony sees some value in the IP. But that perceived value doesn’t seem to translate to PC port, remaster, remake, or anything else.

Bloodborne merch has made the rounds with other companies. Insert Coins also released Bloodborne-themed apparel earlier in 2024, and with the movie reportedly in development, fans do have stuff to look forward to. Still, fans remain frustrated at Sony’s seeming lack of interest in actual video games.

Reports and leaks continue popping up regarding a Bloodborne follow-up of some kind still pop up and there have been multiple notable figures who have said a working PC version existed, but has seemingly been dropped. Even creator Hidetaka Miyazaki seems unsure about Bloodborne’s future and claims Bloodborne’s fate rests in Sony’s hands, not FromSoftware’s. Perhaps Sony will finally give Bloodborne fans hope in the next PlayStation Showcase.

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