Proven leaker says Bloodborne is getting more than just a remaster

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Fans have been asking Sony and FromSoftware for a Bloodborne remake for years and according to a leaker, there’s actually a chance it’s happening. 

Bloodborne launched almost a decade ago and established itself as its own brand despite the overt similarities to its established older brother, Dark Souls. The game was an early taste of the Soulslike genre’s flexibility, as it offered a faster, bloodier experience.

Unfortunately, the title launched on PlayStation 4 and is still stuck on the platform, locked at 30fps, and with no sequel. Fans are eager to experience more Bloodborne, whether it’s a simple remaster with improved frame rates, a sequel, or a remaster for the PlayStation 5. 

Every so often, a new leak emerges that rekindles hope for Bloodborne on modern consoles. The most news did the opposite as reports came through that a rudimentary PC port exists but was forgotten about or scrapped. But now, the dream of returning to the Dream lives again.

Is there a Bloodborne remake?

There is no official announcement of any Bloodborne remake, remaster, or port, but a leaker who has accurately scooped news related to Sony Interactive Entertainment subsidiaries suggested on Twitter that one is in the works.

Silknigth made a name with leaks related to numerous PlayStation-exclusive games and events, including the reveal of the Horizon Forbidden West PC port and information on the January 2024 State of Play event. They stopped short of saying that there is actually a remake in development but stated that something is coming, albeit seemingly not soon, and that it’s grander in scope than a regular remaster.

While there has been almost a decade of fan frustration over Sony seemingly forgetting about Bloodborne, the claims of this leaker come at a time when others outside the gaming industry are discussing it. Reports of a Bloodborne movie have been circulating since 2023, with a director and lead actor reportedly being finalized.

Sony is no stranger to videogame adaptations and has been looking to take its video game IPs and bring them to other forms of media. The company hit it big with The Last of Us show on HBO while Uncharted was a financial success despite a lukewarm critical reception. The company might be looking to make Bloodborne its next major multimedia franchise, and a one-two punch of a movie and video game remake makes sense.

Bloodborne is an important IP in Sony’s lineup, so a Bloodborne remake isn’t out of the question. The game sold at least 7.46 million units with net sales of $265 million, per leaked internal documents. However, neither Sony nor Bloodborne developer FromSoftware have confirmed anything new coming from Bloodborne. 

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