Venture’s abilities, release date are now confirmed for Overwatch 2

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Venture is coming to Overwatch 2 and Blizzard has officially revealed their abilities and release date.

Overwatch 2 players have known about Venture for quite a while. Venture’s initial reveal came in BlizzCon 2023 as part of Overwatch 2’s Season 10 plans. At the time, Blizzard did not reveal much about Venture past their appearance and a light gameplay showcase. With Season 10 fast approaching, Blizzard has released a fully-fledged trailer for the hero.

Venture’s debut coincides with Blizzard’s decision to stop locking heroes behind Battle Pass progression and pocketing all the money from those who have already paid for them. That means a lot of Ventures may be running around upon the hero’s release. 

Venture’s abilities confirmed

Venture’s active abilities are Burrow, Drill Dash, and Tectonic Shock, while their passive abilities are Explorer’s Resolve and Clobber.

Burrow allows Venture to dig under the earth and become invulnerable for a short period. Once Venture emerges from Burrow, they deal damage to whoever is above. Drill Dash causes Venture to dash forward and push enemies back, a nifty ability that can be used for both fleeing and pursuing. Their ultimate, Tectonic Shock, sends out shockwaves that deal heavy damage in a straight line.

On the passives front, Explorer’s Resolve grants Venture temporary shields, making them tankier than the current crop of DPS heroes in Overwatch 2. Clobber is a simple yet effective passive that enhances quick melee damage. 

With that kit, Venture players are encouraged to get down and dirty with the enemy team in close-quarters combat. It’s a recipe that could also make the hero wildly overpowered at launch if Blizzard doesn’t have the balancing down pat.

What is Venture’s release date for Overwatch 2?

Venture will be playable for free as part of a limited-time trial that runs from March 28-31, 2024. Players can try out Overwatch 2’s first nonbinary hero over the weekend and get a feel for what they bring to the DPS role. Venture’s full release will be on April 16, 2024 with Season 10’s kickoff.

Season 10 of Overwatch brings a lot of changes to Overwatch 2’s current format.

It’s not just Venture who will be free by April 16, but every single hero released since Overwatch 2’s launch. Many fans who purchased said heroes clamored for refunds. Unfortunately for them, Blizzard isn’t offering any compensation for those who spent money on these past heroes. Blizzard plans to release one more hero in 2024, codenamed Space Ranger. They will reportedly arrive in Season 12.

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