The star and director of the Bloodborne movie may be revealed

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The Bloodborne movie may have found its director and lead star. 

By 2014, most gamers knew of FromSoftware thanks to the success of the Dark Souls franchise. Bloodborne’s release showed the world the studio could take the Souls formula to any setting and make it work. But despite critical and commercial success, the gothic action RPG remains shackled to the 10-year-old PS4. 

Reports of Bloodborne PC and PS5 ports floated around for years, but nothing official ever came of them and the news that has come out hasn’t been good. The radio silence from Sony and FromSoftware led many fans to assume that Bloodborne had been abandoned, especially with newer titles like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Elden Ring taking up attention and possibly getting adaptations of their own.

The reporter who first broke the news of a Bloodborne movie suggests that things are moving forward. This includes specific, notable names in both the director’s chair and lead role.

Who will direct and star in the Bloodborne movie?

Sony reportedly wants Adam Wingard as director and Bill Skarsgard in an unknown role for the Bloodborne movie.

Fans may know Wingard from recent blockbusters like Godzilla vs Kong, but he made his name with suspenseful thrillers like You’re Next and The Guest. Meanwhile, Skarsgard is a bonafide horror icon thanks to his portrayal of Pennywise in the remake of IT. These reports come from Daniel “DanielRPK” Richtman, who previously broke the news on The Last of Us Season 2 castings alongside numerous stories related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He also broke the news of the Bloodborne movie’s existence in November 2023. 

Video game adaptations once elicited disgust from gamers, thanks to the likes of Street Fighter, Double Dragon, and Bloodrayne. Today, the likes of Arcane, The Last of Us, and The Super Mario Bros Movie have made games a well of source material for Hollywood. Studios now acknowledge that video games can have the drawing power of traditional movies, and getting talent with the caliber of Wingard and Skarsgard supports that. 

Bloodborne movie may help push a PC and PS5 port forward

Many fans are more excited about the prospect of Sony doing something with Bloodborne as cross-promotion than the movie itself. After all, The Last Of Us Remake’s PC port was released in early 2023, as the hype surrounding HBO’s The Last of Us series was at its zenith. Sony might try to do the same with a Bloodborne movie and beyond its reported star and director are a proven writer and director.

However, fans shouldn’t assume the Bloodborne film is a surefire release even with names attached to it. These reports typically come from concept meetings well before even pre-production starts and movies can be scrapped at any time in the same way video games can be.

Video game adaptations in particular often end up in development hell, with the likes of Sleeping Dogs, Bioshock, and Life Is Strange in limbo. Time will tell if Bloodborne meets the same fate.

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