Is there going to be a Nier 3? Yoko Taro hints at series’ future

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Fans of the Nier series have hopes for a new game in the series as there are official hints, albeit strange ones, of a Nier 3 being in the works.

The colorful history of the Nier series demonstrates the unpredictability of success. The series started as a spin-off of the moderately successful Drakengard series, and the first installment got mixed reviews and didn’t sell especially well. Critics weren’t thrilled about it either, citing poor graphics, technical issues, and a disjointed storyline.

However, quite a few critics noted the anachronistic tone of Nier felt in line with Yoko Taro’s body of work. The stars aligned when Nier: Automata became a runaway success. It fixed many of the technical criticisms of Taro’s previous games, which meant even casual gamers could enjoy his captivating stories. Fans are clamoring for a sequel to the now 7-year-old Nier: Automata and Taro may have teased just that. 

Will there be a Nier 3?

There were multiple hints from Yoko Taro that Nier 3 is in the works during a Nier: Automata concert.

According to a ResetEra thread made by a concertgoer, Taro reportedly took to the stage after a show in London. He asked the audience if they wanted a Nier: Automata sequel, and the crowd responded with cheers. Hints throughout the concert’s visuals repeatedly showed the word “REPENT” with the final instance written as “R3PENT.” The direct discussion of a new Nier game and the cheeky “3” both suggest that something might be in the works.

Given Taro’s penchant for unorthodox storytelling, it makes sense that he would tease the sequel to his most popular game in a live concert only hundreds of people will see. Still, with glitches being such a prominent part of Automata’s storytelling, they could just be visual flourishes for the concert. Square Enix has not officially confirmed Nier 3’s existence, and it’s possible that Taro was simply trying to generate buzz surrounding the idea. 

Regardless, Nier 3 likely won’t come out anytime soon. Nier series producer Yosuke Saito confirmed as much in an interview with 4gamer, stating that he and series creator Yoko Taro shifted their focus to a new IP, which will be revealed sometime in 2024. Still, he never closed the door on its development, stating that as long as Taro was alive, a new Nier could happen. 

Nier franchise likely to get new game, given commercial success

The Nier franchise is a critical and commercial success and will likely get a new game as a result.

The Nier franchise has significantly outgrown its parent franchise Drakengard. In February 2024, Nier: Automata celebrated its seventh anniversary with 8 million units sold. Meanwhile, the remaster Nier: Replicant sold over 1 million copies, doubling the original game’s sales. 

Whatever’s keeping Square Enix from developing Nier 3, it likely isn’t due to poor sales on the franchise’s part. If the likes of Shenmue 3 can still generate hype nearly two decades after the last game in the franchise, then Nier 3 won’t have a problem. Even titles that draw clear inspiration from the games like Stellar Blade are surrounded with excitement.

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