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Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo and Knut “Knut” Spildrejorde have opened the doors to the Iron Forge Gym, but what exactly is it?

The Iron Forge Gym started with Mizkif joining a 30-day fitness challenge by bodybuilding influencer Knut. Eventually, fitness entrepreneur Rob Impastato joined the two on their quest to create their dream gym. Mizkif finances the gym and uses his Twitch presence to advertise it.

Mizkif’s fitness journey evolving into a business venture was unexpected but not unwelcome for fans. On their fitness journeys, the gym also acts as a “central hub” for OTK members like Will Neff and Emily “ExtraEmily” Zhang. The extra boost in social media engagement doesn’t hurt either. Of course, the gym’s not exclusive to influencers. 

How much is an Iron Forge Gym membership?

The Iron Forge Gym monthly membership costs $45.  The membership includes 24/7 access to the gym facilities and its equipment. Customers can also avail of specialized MMA packages in grappling or striking, which cost $135. A combined course of both costs $170. Compared to other gyms, especially in Texas, The gym’s monthly cost could be considered a midrange option. 

The Gold’s Gym monthly membership in South Texas costs $69. It’s worth noting that Gold’s Gym is more established and offers more features than Mizkif’s currently does. But at the end of the day, if someone in Austin wants to work out and pay reasonable rates, the gym may be worth a look. 

Is the Iron Forge Gym making money?

The Iron Forge Gym currently operates at a loss, according to Mizkif.

Mizkif shared quite a bit of the gym’s development on his streams. In February 2024, a month after the gym’s launch, Mizkif revealed they were operating at a loss. The Iron Forge Gym costs over $40,000 to operate monthly. With only 406 members signed on, the gym’s estimated monthly earnings were around $20,000.

Mizkif seemingly doesn’t mind, saying market research shows that most gyms tend to start to become profitable around the one-year mark. Mizkif also states that $40,000 is “nothing” for a facility the size of the Iron Forge Gym. He also added that he isn’t running the business operations by himself, suggesting Impastato, who actually owns a gym, likely handles more work than he does.

Time will tell if the Mizkif’s venture becomes a fitness mecca for influencers. Streamers might need to get prepared for the next TwitchCon, judging from how TwitchCon Paris went for Knut and others.

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