Persona 3 Reload: Full guide to romance options and best gifts

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Looking for something to guide you through the many romance options and the gift-giving of Persona 3 Reload? There’s plenty to discuss.

Romance has become an increasingly large part of the Persona series, and that more or less started with the third installment of the series. The introduction of social links gave players the chance to have one-on-one time with their favorite NPCs, which unlocks new Personas to utilize in battle. With this, players also had the option of romantically pursuing some of those NPCs.

The latest installment in the series brings back all the different girlfriends of the original game, as well as some of those that were added in Persona 3 FES. Given the nature of Persona 3 Reload and the limited amount of time available, players looking to see through all romance options will be well-served by using a guide to know which social links can be romanced, how to do so, and which gifts to give which characters.

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All romance options in Persona 3 Reload

There are seven different characters that players can enter into a romantic relationship with in Persona 3 Reload.

While Persona 5 gave players a long list of different romance options, including a couple of extremely awkward ones, Persona 3 Reload only lets players do so with their female party members, their fellow school club members, and one other surprise addition. The full list of romance options includes:

  1. Fuuka
  2. Mitsuru
  3. Yukari
  4. Chihiro
  5. Yuko
  6. Aigis
  7. Elizabeth

With the sole exception of Elizabeth, all of these characters are romanced in the same way; starting the character’s social link, advancing it to rank nine, and then making a specific dialog choice to commit to a romantic relationship. Persona 3 Reload players advance all social links, romance options included, by spending time with the NPC, giving proper answers during hangouts, or offering gifts.

Players don’t have to worry about being suckered into a romantic relationship with a character, unlike certain other popular RPGs. The dialog choices are extremely explicit in regard to whether a relationship will begin.

Can you romance Elizabeth in Persona 3 Reload?

Elizabeth is a romance option in Persona 3 Reload despite not being a social link.

Much like the linked episodes that were added in Reload, Elizabeth has something that is akin to a social link but with a different system for advancement. Players can hang out with Elizabeth and eventually romance her by fulfilling her requests throughout the game.

As the player completes Elizabeth’s requests, she starts asking for an escort to different locations around Iwatodai. As with social links, the final chapter of this arc sees things take a romantic turn.

Elizabeth Date

Elizabeth is relatively easy to manage as a romance option in Persona 3 Reload because she doesn’t require gifts or extra hangouts to advance her social links, and doesn’t have a rigid schedule that guides the player away from other tasks. Most of her requests get completed simply by progressing through the game.

Players can speed through requests in quick succession, outside of the time-restricted ones. Each hangout with her doesn’t take up a block of time, so players can go out at night, visit her, and then head to Tartarus if they so desire. 

Can you romance multiple characters at once in Persona 3 Reload?

Players can romance as many characters as they want in Persona 3 Reload, with no real drawbacks. In fact, it’s arguably best to romance everyone.

Different Persona games take different approaches to romance and how exclusive the player should be with the characters they woo. While Persona 4 guides players towards monogamy, albeit gently, Persona 5 and Persona 3 Reload actively reward the player for pursuing every romance option.

In Persona 3 Reload, if the player rejects a romance with a social link at rank nine, the social link automatically advances to rank 10 and the arc ends. For players who are extremely crunched, this might be beneficial as it offers access to the best Personas without spending extra time.

Unfortunately, while Persona 4 had a rank-10 event for each social link that varied based on whether the relationship was platonic or romantic, that’s not the case in Persona 3 Reload. Instead, players simply get less content by turning down romance, something that punishes any actual role-playing.

Fuuka Date Persona 3 Reload

Gift guide for Persona 3 Reload romance options

Persona 3 Reload lets players give gifts to social links to improve the relationship. The amount a relationship improves varies based upon the gift itself, with each character having their preferred items.

Some social links are pickier than others, with Yuko liking only a handful of different items while Fuuka and Mitsuru are fine with most of the options available. As with dialog choices during social link hangouts, the best gift awards three “notes” toward the relationship while sub-optimal options reward fewer.

In many cases, each giftable item can only be obtained just a few times, or even just once during a playthrough. Because of this, players will be forced to make the most of what they have and weigh their options based on which social links they’ve completed, who else they’re juggling, and what they have on hand. Here are the best gift choices in Persona 3 Reload for each NPC, and which ones to avoid:

Social LinkBest GiftsWorst Gifts
FuukaBrand Bag, Glass VasePerfume, Goggle-Eyed Doll, Jack Frost Doll, Lucky Charm, Rose Bouquet
YukariBrand Bag, Brand Purse, Brand Watch, Perfume Goggle-Eyed Doll, Japanese Doll, Mini Cactus, Book Cover, Kaleidoscope, Ganesha Bank, Lucky Charm, Red Pine Bonsai
MitsuruGoggle-Eyed Doll, Japanese DollGlass Vase, Mini Cactus, Jack Frost Doll, Ganesha Bank, Rose Bouquet
YukoBrand Bag, Brand Purse, Brand WatchGlass Vase, Perfume, Goggle-Eyed Doll, Japanese Doll, Book Cover, Kaleidoscope, Ganesha Bank, Lucky Charm, Red Pine Bonsai, Rose Bouquet
ChihiroBrand Bag, Brand WatchGoggle-Eyed Doll, Jack Frost Doll, Lucky Charm, Red Pine Bonsai

In Persona 3 Reload, players can give a gift to a romance option during a date that doesn’t rank up the social link.

Not every hangout with a social link gives a guaranteed rank-up, regardless of whether romance is possible. If this is the case, players can spend a block of time with them to improve the relationship to the point where a rank-up is possible.

In Persona 3 Reload, players can give gifts to romance options to boost the effect of these unranked hangouts. Gifts can only be given to romanceable NPCs, so players won’t be able to give a teddy bear to Kenji or DM a cactus to Maya to push things forward.

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