Baldur’s Gate 3 patch #1 stops Gale from tricking you into bed

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Baldur’s Gate 3 got its first major update with “patch #1,” and it includes over 1,000 changes including nastier teeth, better gnome kissing, and fewer accidental romances with Gale.

Larian Studios, Baldur’s Gate 3’s publisher and developer, has kept good on its promise to support the smash-hit RPG. Since the game’s release in August, Larian has dropped four hotfixes, buoying the game up until this major patch. Larian says that it contains so many fixes that it exceeded Steam’s character limit for patch notes.

While going through the entire list of changes would be an exhaustive process, there are several notable fixes that will have a greater effect on the game. Warning, as some of these changes include spoilers.

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What are the major changes in Baldur’s Gate 3’s patch #1?

Baldur’s Gate 3’s patch #1 includes a major memory leak fix, more gold from loot, correct level scaling for dragonborn breath weapons, a nerf to Gale’s game spitting, and more.

A much-requested feature is the tweaking of romantic dialogue with companions to be less ambiguous. Players accidentally romanced the wizard Gale because the only option for turning him down was, in Larian’s words, “kicking him in the head.”

For the short kings and queens in the game, romanced companions will now properly kneel to lock lips with the player character. This is a welcome change from gnome PCs kissing Karlach’s kneecaps. Another pleasant tweak is that companions should no longer have exclamation marks over their heads when they have nothing to say.

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Bards have also received a buff, with the Magical Secrets feature now granting access to powerful spells such as Hunger of Hadar and Animate Dead. Not all of these changes have been well-received, though.

Characters who embrace their tadpole will now display a mouth of rotting teeth, alongside the pre-existing cosmetic changes. The feature of the Chest of the Mundane holding infinite weight turned out to be a bug and has been removed. Minthara’s camp outfit has also been made slightly less revealing. 

When is Baldur’s Gate 3’s Patch #2 coming?

Larian Studios has not given a release window for Baldur’s Gate 3 patch #2. However, the studio teased fans with some of the things that could come in the next update in the notes for Baldur’s Gate 3 patch #1. The game is set for a console release in the near future, with the PlayStation 5 version arriving soon and the Xbox Series ports coming later this year. It’s possible that the next major update could coincide with the release or come shortly thereafter.

Patch #2 has been rumored to focus on improving performance for the Dungeons and Dragons-themed computer RPG, but players are hopeful that it might feature the restoration of cut content or the introduction of new content. It could hypothetically include new endings, Baldur’s Gate’s entire Upper City, or perhaps even a missing companion?

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