Quitting ranked a moment too early can now lose your winning LP

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Players have made a new discovery that it’s possible to lose LP after winning a ranked game by quitting even just a moment too early.

Quitting out of games is commonplace in League of Legends. Rather than watch the full animation of the losing team’s nexus begin destroyed and an additional animation featuring the winning or losing messages, players choose to Alt+F4 or otherwise close out to save a few seconds of time.

But it has now been confirmed that doing so can actually nullify the result of a game, whether it’s a win or a loss. Here’s how that can happen, and how to avoid it in your games.

Does quitting ranked League games early lose LP?

It’s possible that quitting a ranked League game early can lose LP, but it requires a very specific circumstances. Those circumstances aren’t often going to be met, so it’s not going to be a problem for many players most of the time. But it definitely can happen.

It turns out that if all 10 players in the game chose to quit a ranked game of League early, the game will be canceled, even if the game has technically been completed with one side winning and one side losing.


This means that, if every player the game leaves early via Alt+F4 or any other means, the game won’t count. Winning players won’t receive any LP for their efforts, and amusingly, losing players will avoid losing LP after the negative result.

So what does this mean for players? The main takeaway is that, if you’re on the winning team while playing ranked League of Legends, you should never quite the game until the victory message animation and the nexus destruction animations are both complete. While it’s rare that you’d have every other player quit and lose your winning LP, it can happen.

Conversely, if you’re on the losing side of a ranked game you might actually have a chance of saving your LP early. It still isn’t something that’s necessarily recommended however, as it’s always possible that quitting our early could result in other problems.

Grinding up your LP is hard enough as it is, so players should be cautious about losing any of their precious gains. With the end of the 2023 ranked season on the horizon, this is especially true.

Developer Riot Games may patch out this potential problem. But given the number of bugs that exist elsewhere in the game and the very specific circumstances required to produce this error, it may not be fixed any time soon.

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Written by Jared Wynne

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