There’s big news on PC and PS5 Bloodborne ports & it’s not good

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There’s good news and bad news when it comes to the long-sought-after PC and PS5 ports of Bloodborne, but FromSoftware fans shouldn’t chalk this up as a win.

Despite being one of FromSoftware’s most acclaimed titles and a commercial success in its own right, Bloodborne remains exclusive to the PS4. PC and PlayStation 5 re-releases have been called for so loudly for so long that it’s become a meme, with the game trending after every major gaming showcase event. Teasing fans all the while is the fact that there hasn’t even been a PS4 Pro or next-gen upgrade patch like the one fans saw for Dark Souls 3, with the most desperate chalking this up to plans for a remastered version.

Despite the lack of official news, a Bloodborne PC or PS5 port continues to be a talking point for fans. Offering both relief and deep frustration is an indication that these were being worked on and perhaps even exist today, but are seemingly just stuck on a developer’s old PC.

Is Bloodborne for PC and PS5 in development?

Former Game Informer senior editor Imran Khan stated that Bloodborne’s PC and PS5 points were “in the works” at one point. That said, fans shouldn’t be expecting to play it any time soon. Or ever.

The ResetEra forum was discussing FromSoftware data miner Lance McDonald, who famously made his own patch to play Bloodborne at 60 FPS and claimed in 2023 that he had previously been shown a rudimentary port of the game that ran on Windows 7. As some harrumphed about their misinterpretations of what he said, Khan corroborated that a PC and PS5 version of Bloodborne was indeed in development. Unfortunately, he also noted that this is years in the past.

Neither FromSoftware nor Sony have given any updates on anything regarding Bloodborne. 

Khan stated that he hadn’t “heard anything in literal years so [he] wouldn’t hold my breath,” given the lack of updates. With FromSoftware focusing on the Elden Ring DLC Shadow of the Erdtree and reportedly working on a separate PlayStation-exclusive game, those Bloodborne ports are farther than ever.

Will Bloodborne get a sequel?

There is no information regarding a Bloodborne sequel, remaster, remake, or PC port.

FromSoftware president Hidetaka Miyazaki has indicated that the fate of Bloodborne is largely in Sony’s hands in an interview with EDGE Magazine. Though FromSoftware developed the game, it was published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

Miyazaki agreed to work on Dark Souls 3 to atone for the flaws of Dark Souls 2, a sequel he did not creatively lead. He believes that From Software should focus its efforts on creating new things. True to his word, there hasn’t been a sequel from any of FromSoftware’s Soulslike games since Dark Souls 3. 

It seems Bloodborne fans won’t be enjoying the game anytime soon on modern platforms. Somehow, the only hope for Bloodborne today seems to be a movie adaptation.

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