Miyazaki talks more Elden Ring DLC after Shadow of the Erdtree

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Hidetaka Miyazaki discussed what will be happening after the Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC releases and the answer is seemingly not much.

The reveal trailer for Shadow of the Erdtree left fans desperate to play the expansion, which promises to be bigger than any other FromSoftware DLC. The trailer alone teased at least a dozen new enemies and a map that rivals the Lands Between. Shadow of the Erdtree’s brutal price matches the ambition of its scale but precedent suggests it will be worth the cost.

With such a project taking two years, fans have wondered if anything will follow the massive undertaking of Shadow of the Erdtree or if it will mark the end of Elden Ring. A recent interview with FromSoftware’s president hinted at what the future has in store for Elden Ring.

Will there be Elden Ring DLC after Shadow of the Erdtree?

FromSoftware has no plans for another Elden Ring DLC after Shadow of the Erdtree, according to the studio’s president.

In an interview with Famitsu, Hidetaka Miyazaki strongly suggested that FromSoftware will not release a new DLC for Elden Ring and stated that Shadow of the Erdtree acts as a “large milestone” as far as main story additions to Elden Ring go.

“Right now, we have no plans for another DLC after [Shadow of the Erdtree]. I think this will be a big break in terms of DLC added to the main game of Elden Ring,” Miyazaki stated.

The answer doesn’t match a leak from an official merchandise partner of FromSoftware that explicitly suggested there would be a 2025 DLC release for Elden Ring after Shadow of the Erdtree.

However, Miyazaki says Elden Ring isn’t ending just yet.

FromSoftware developed The Ringed City DLC from Dark Souls 3 with the franchise’s ending in mind. He stopped short of saying that no more DLC or updates will come to Elden Ring after Shadow of the Erdtree, adding he doesn’t want to shut down “future possibilities.”

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Miyazaki added he doesn’t “want to make any decisive statements” about the end of Elden Ring and given the game’s success, that shouldn’t surprise anybody. FromSoftware purchased the rights to the Elden Ring IP from Bandai Namco, and the company didn’t do so simply to close the series down after one game.

Miyazaki touches on FromSoftware’s next game

FromSoftware plans on developing more games like Elden Ring in the future.

Closing off the interview, Miyazaki emphasizes the studio’s love for “huge worlds and adventures.” The studio carved out a niche in the gaming space that no other company has been able to recreate. 

Even two years removed from release, the hype for Elden Ring hasn’t faltered. Elden Ring hovers around 60,000 to 80,000 players daily on Steam according to Steam Charts. After Shadow of the Erdtree drops, Elden Ring will be looking to top its previous peak of over 950,000 players. Whether it’s a new DLC or a sequel, fans patiently await whatever FromSoftware cooks up next. 

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