Find out about Helldivers 2’s Quasar Cannon, MG-101 Stratagems

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Helldivers 2 added two new Stratagems to aid players in expanding democracy across the galaxy, granting access to the MG-101 heavy machine gun and Quasar Cannon. 

Helldivers 2 took the gaming world by storm and quickly rose in the player count department. Arrowhead Game Studios developed the game and it’s the first Sony-backed game to launch simultaneously on PlayStation and PC. While official sales figures are not updated, the all-time concurrent player count of 458,709 on Steam shows how many players are interested in spreading democracy. 

The game is getting regular updates that introduce new content, squash bugs, and add new tools for defending Super Earth. The latest update brings two new Stratagems to help the fight against enemies of managed democracy. 

Helldivers 2 adds two new Stratagems

Helldivers 2 new Stratagems include the MG-101 heavy machine gun and Quasar Cannon.

The MG-101 heavy machine gun is described as a “powerful but hard-to-handle weapon.” It falls in the same category as the machine gun and Stalwart as weapons that have large magazines and ample firepower, but are challenging to keep on target, at least initially. Once players get accustomed to the recoil, the guns become manageable and provide good lead delivery service to the enemies. 

The Quasar Cannon is unique by comparison. It’s an enormous weapon that takes time to charge and fires a powerful, explosive energy burst. The shoulder-mounted weapon might provide big booms but immediately goes on a long cooldown to balance it out. The laser weapon could be great against armored automatons and can shoot dropships out of the sky. 

MG-101 heavy machine gun, Quasar Cannon Requisition price

While the new Stratagems are part of a free update to Helldivers 2, The Heavy Machine Gun costs 6.000 Requisition, while the Quasar Cannon costs 7,500 Requisition in-game.

Both new weapons have a three-second call-in time by default. The weapons also have a 480-second cooldown before being called in again. They can be called often during a mission if they are not on cooldown.

In the last major update, players received pilotable mechs after liberating key factories from Automatons. Arrowhead Games Studio recently launched the Cutting Edge Warbond, a Helldivers 2 battle pass that added new weapons, armor, and cosmetics for the players to enjoy. 

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