Guild Wars 3 is officially confirmed, what happens after its release?

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NCSoft confirmed during a shareholders meeting that the long-rumored Guild Wars 3 is officially in development, begging the questions of when it’s coming out and why it’s being made in the first place.

Guild Wars 2 was released in 2012 and since launch, it has received plenty of updates and expansions. Fans of the game are not short on content 12 years on, with more expansions planned until 2025. The game received the Secrets of Obscure expansion in 2023, and there are two more expansions for 2024 and 2025.

Because of this, the news of a sequel shocks the current player base that has invested time and money into the game. Despite being over a decade old, the game has aged very well. It remains to be seen how the game can be evolved for modern hardware. 

Guild Wars 3 release date info

There is no confirmed release date for Guild Wars 3 release date yet. 

The news of Guild Wars 3’s existence originated from an NCSoft shareholder meeting. NCSoft publisher’s co-CEO Park Byung-moo confirmed that the game is in development but didn’t expand on that. Ultimately, nothing has been officially confirmed beyond the game’s existence. 

Guild Wars 3’s developer hasn’t been announced, either. ArenaNet previously made the Guild Wars games, so it could helm development for the next one. Whether it will stay true to the series’ roots or go in another direction is uncertain.

MMOs have always been lucrative, with World of Warcraft becoming a pop culture sensation during its heyday and remaining strong to this day. The success of WoW has seen many contenders rise up with original games like Guild Wars and repackaged IPs like the upcoming Horizon MMO

Will Guild Wars 2 shut down when Guild Wars 3 comes out?

It’s unknown whether Guild Wars 2 will still be supported after Guild Wars 3 comes out.

Many fans have expressed shock at Guild Wars 3 announcement as the second game is still receiving updates and expansions. Guild Wars 2 has lasted a long time, and many players are deeply invested, both emotionally and financially. The possible expiration date for Guild Wars 2 has been alarming for some.

Many players are worried that Guild Wars 2 servers will be shut down upon its sequel’s release, which has become the standard in recent years with games like Counter-Strike 2 and Overwatch 2. ArenaNet has a good track record of keeping servers running though, as the Guild Wars 1 servers are still fully operational despite Guild Wars 2 being 12 years old. 

The second game still has at least two more years of content in the pipeline so there’s still plenty of road left ahead for the game regardless. Guild War 3 will likely be in the works through that time and possibly well beyond. Even new players still have plenty of time left to enjoy the game.

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