The Horizon MMO is coming, here’s what we know about it

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PlayStation’s upcoming MMO set in the same world as Horizon: Zero Dawn and Horizon: Forbidden West has just been registered by NCSoft.

The Horizon franchise is currently part of Sony’s modern dream team of console exclusives, and a move to the online space is the next big step. In November 2022, the project was revealed by Sony and was set to be made in partnership with notable MMO developer NCSoft. NCSoft’s notable works include Lineage and Guild Wars, which explains Sony’s confidence in picking the studio for the project.

Initially known as “Project H”, this MMO will likely be one of Sony’s flagship MMO titles. Though little has been said about the game since its initial launch, there are some definite signs of progress.

Is there a Horizon MMO?

An MMO game based on the Horizon franchise is in the works from NCSoft, and will seemingly be subtitled “Land of Salvation.”

In December 2023, NCSoft registered a domain for a website called “”, which fans speculate may be the Horizon MMO. Although nothing official has been confirmed, “Land of Salvation” is a fitting title for a Horizon game.

The Horizon MMO may reportedly receive a mobile version as well. Success of Genshin Impact is proof of the mobile platform’s viability and how mobile and console versions of games can co-exist.

This does leave the question of whether Aloy’s journey will continue. PlayStation has been making aggressive moves to turn its most popular franchises into live-service games. The Last Of Us Online was recently canceled due to Naughty Dog’s wish to focus on its single-player games and some are fearful that a Horizon MMO may translate to the series being transformed.

Is Horizon 3 still happening?

Horizon 3 is currently in development. Horizon developer Guerilla Games announced in April 2023 that Horizon 3 is in the works, alongside the online project.

The Burning Shores DLC for Horizon: Forbidden West was a clear case of sequel teasing, so that was always in the pipeline for the studio. However, this announcement came alongside major leadership changes at Guerilla Games.

Former director Angie Smets moved up the ladder, becoming  PlayStation Studio’s head of development strategy. This likely means Horizon’s future with Sony is set in stone, regardless of how the MMO release goes. As for when Horizon 3 will come out, not much is known. It can be speculated that Horizon 3 may come out sometime in 2027, given the five-year gap between Horizon: Zero Dawn and Horizon: Forbidden West.

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