Hades 2: Where to get Rubbish and how to farm it

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One surprising crafting material players will need to farm in Hades 2 is Rubbish, though it might be hard to find and it’s initially unclear how to use it.

Hades 2 has multiple incantations and upgrades players can utilize to make their runs easier. However, every upgrade requires a fixed set of ingredients players can find. While the locations of these ingredients vary, most of them can be farmed while Melinoe is on her runs. 

One exception to the above rule is Rubbish, which can only be found in one place. The only problem is that it’s not where one would typically look. Here’s where players can get Rubbish in Hades 2 and what this odd item is used for.

Rubbish in Hades 2

How to get and farm Rubbish in Hades 2

Eris drops rubbish in the room west of the Fated List of Minor Prophecies in the Crossroads.

Players must first speak with Eris for the first time before they can start collecting her literal trash. Fortunately, Eris shows up fairly early in the game, as fans can expect to run into her the first time they Scylla & the Sirens’ domain on the way to the Underworld, Oceanus.

Collecting Rubbish in Hades 2

Eris can be found scattering Rubbish in the area west of the Fated List of Minor Prophecies in the Crossroads after Melinoe’s first run-in with the daughter of Nyx. It’s the area leading to the Crossroad’s Fishing Pier so early-game fans might miss it.

This is the only place to find Rubbish as, unlike most other items, Rubbish can’t be found on the path to the Underworld or Olympus. It’s unknown if Supergiant Games will add more ways to collect Rubbish in a later update.

Where to use Rubbish in Hades 2?

The only use for Rubbish in Hades 2 is for the Summoning a Colony of Bats incantation.

After breaking the ward to Olympus and reaching the City of Ephyra, fans must remove a barrier blocking the path forward. This feat is done by clearing at least six rooms and destroying the pylons inside, although the game lets players choose which six rooms they want to pursue.

The Summoning A Colony of Bats incantation in Hades 2

Since the city is relatively large, seeing all the available rooms and their rewards might be a chore at first. Fortunately, the Summoning A Colony of Bats incantation can be done in the Crossroads cauldron using 3 Rubbish and 3 Moss helps with this annoyance. 

After the incantation, Melinoe can interact with cages in the City of Ephyra to see the city from a bird’s eye perspective, making it easier to determine which rewards are worth it. After all, the city’s boss, Polyphemus, demands the strongest boons.

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