Hades 2: How to get D Wood, where to farm it, and how to use it

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With Hades 2 now available to play, D Wood, the inexplicably renamed Driftwood, is a material in Hades 2 that players will need to find, farm, and use to complete various recipes.

Melinoe has a lot to do in Hades 2. From roaming the Crossroads to befriending key figures from across Greek Mythology to stopping Chronos and his army, the new protagonist has her work cut out for her. However, upgrades and incantations can make her journey easier. At least a bit.

Every recipe requires a different set of ingredients, so players must collect ingredients from various places and resources. One of those materials is called D Wood, or Driftwood. Here’s where to find it and the most common uses for it in the game.

Driftwood in Hades 2

Where to find D Wood in Hades 2

Players can find D Wood in the Rift of Thessaly, the second area on the path to Olympus.

Unlike its predecessor, Hades 2 allows the player to go up to Olympus or down to the Underworld. However, the path to Olympus is warded off at the start of the game. Players need to break the ward and use an incantation to survive and progress along the way.

Finding D Wood in Hades 2

The second area on the path to Olympus is called the Rift of Thessaly, a series of ships the player must navigate to progress. D Wood randomly spawns in this area as a thick branch and can be picked up without requiring any tools. This is particularly convenient as Hades 2 limits players’ ability to farm resources by restricting the number of tools they have on hand.

What do you do with driftwood in Hades 2?

D Wood is an ingredient for various recipes, including incantations and upgrading weapon aspects.

The Rod of Fishing Upgrade in Hades 2

Players commonly require Driftwood for incantations, including Woodsy Lifespring and Rush of Fresh Air. However, it’s also needed for unlocking some weapon aspects, specifically the Aspect of Eos for Umbral Flames.

D Wood is also needed for upgrading the Rod of Fishing, though that’s where its use ends in the early access. Supergiant Games will likely add more recipes that require this ingredient in the game’s full version. After all, D Wood’s in-game description specifically states it’s mostly needed for incantations.

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